Seasonal Changes and the use of the 'C' word!

I am always a bit confused around this time of year.  I am a spring summer type of a person and so autumn and winter are a  teensy bit of a challenge for me.  I do partly enjoy the seasonal changes and always try to make the most of the cooler seasons but if I'm 100% honest I look forward to them being over; I want to press the fast forward button and get to spring tomorrow. I just don't find that there's all that much to look forward to in Winter, other than the coming of Spring.  Am I alone in this?  I have found over the last few years of living in Australia that Southern Hemisphere seasons sort of don't make sense to me.  Let me elaborate.

Here in my world the trees have lost most of their leaves, the blooms have died back and the nights are dark by 6.30ish, May brings the last month of Autumn, the heating is on most days, especially in the mornings and I have been filling my hot water bottles!  And whilst these seasonal changes find me with the desire to get cozied in for the Autumn, when I look at Northern Hemisphere blogs my mind is tempted with images of cherry blossom, the hopes of the summer with outdoor adventures and the impending 10pm light nights spent at the caravan.  And part of me misses that life and I know that it's okay to miss some things sometimes.  

But... I don't have that life anymore and I'm totally okay with that but I have found myself wondering 'when am I going to get used to the fact that Winter no longer means Christmas'? (I know I said the C word in May!)  Here Winter doesn't bring the colossal lead up to the big day and I may be in the minority but I really do enjoy the excitement and the planning that comes along with these festivities.  I suppose I feel like Winter in the Southern Hemisphere is a bit of a none  event really in so much as I have 30+ years of conditioning that Winters have Christmas and then 6 months later the Summer arrives and brings with them annual holidays and 6 weeks off school - both seasons have something big to offer.  And here in Australia the Summer gets it all - I mean Christmas and the summer holidays.  Brilliant when it's Summer but then there's a bit of a void in the rest of my year.

With me being the sort of person who always likes to have something to look forward to, Summer and all its wonderfulness of celebrations seems like a long way off and I am keen to get some 'good stuff' on the radar to perk up the idea of Winter.

So if you are still with me after reading my ramblings, give yourself a pat on the back and answer me this if you will, what are your perks of Winter?  Do you have anything that you really look forward to doing during the more nocturnal months that are not related to the C word?  I really am open to suggestions as to how to make my winter something to look forward to as opposed to turn my nose up at.  Because at the moment it feels like it's a necessary but painful wait until we get the good stuff in the summer and I am not happy to wish any of my days away! And for anyone in the Southern Hemisphere, what does Winter mean to you good people?  I am currently compiling a list of Winter Perks and would love to hear about yours.

Answers on a postcard to...... Jo x

 Apologies for the absence of photos - They don't seem to want to load onto this post today


Susan C. said...

Weelllllll......as someone with British parents and who emigrated here in 1962, as a bub.....I do understand your dilemma, a little, I think. I also had the triple whammy of a birthday three days after Christmas. My year was very long!
Do a Christmas in July, it's becoming more fashionable to throw this celebration in as an excuse to feast in winter. Don't forget to send me an invite!
Take up skiing...:-) then you can spend all your money and be cold and broke during winter, :-)
I love the chance to bunker down in the house and spend hours sewing not feeling guilty about missing the good weather outside. It must be very disorienting for you but as you know our winters are probably as good as your summers......hahahaha...bad joke I know.
I do envy a wintery Christmas, it fits so much better.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I still haven't got thread around the differences between north and south! It's very confusing reading about others just going into autumn! I love the cosy nights of Autumn, closing the curtains early, bunkering down! :) x

Gaby said...

i can't help myself - i listen to christmas carols when it's winter in australia. it just feels right. christmas here is totally weird, even after 5 years of living here. that said, aussie winter is quite lovely x

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