Snippets from around here...

Some snippets of life around these parts.

  1. Thrifted tiny clog decoration
  2. Echeveria in my garden 
  3. Plenty of plums, although they are so small this year
  4. Yummy looking menu at a cafe in Queenscliff
  5. My sunburst crochet cushion
  6. Cucumber flowers
  7. Basil I love you
  8. Amish oatmeal (before the oven)
  9. Folk table cloth thrifted and drying on the line

I don't think I shared the flying ducks I made last month.  I used off cuts of pine and cut them out on the band saw.  Then at the weekend I finally got round to hanging them.

I had considered covering them in vintage paper but I think for now I like them in natural wood.  If I decide to I can always cover them in the future. Since I learned how to use the tools in my hubby's workshop last year it has meant that I can make things for myself which I would normally have to either get him to make or buy and I love that.

These are my little reminder to myself to start moving and the rest will follow!

It's been a bit hectic around here

We had been waiting to hear whether my In-Laws were coming to visit us, hoping that they would but not really thinking they would.  Then last week they booked some last minute flights and arrive on the 13th of this month giving us 14 days to get the house ready.

Eeeek!  So we've had two rooms to prepare, an extra bed to source, new seating required and numerous other jobs that need doing for a house of 2 to become a house of 5, alongside other commitments I'd already made before I knew they were going to visit, plus it will be my father in laws 80th birthday while they are here so there have been plans to arrange.  My mother is law and I are very different when it comes to the joys of housework; she being the kind of lady who irons everything including undies and me being the kind of lady who irons nothing if I can get away with it.  So there is a little bit of pressure to have the house looking better than it looks on a normal clean day!


Susan C. said...

Those ducks are very professional looking.
Eek re visitors.....I know the feeling about housework standards, mine are higher than some but a great deal lower than most.....one of those being my M.I.L!
Grit your teeth and clench those housework muscles and smile......tis but a short visit....yes? :-)

thefemalemunich said...

i loved the glimpses of summer life, i think its the best time of year in geelong (and in general!). great job on the ducks, i'd love to try some woodwork projects like that. ps. i've never even owned an iron!

Caroline South said...

Love your little colourful snippets and those flying ducks look amazing. You've done such a great job. Good luck with the house sorting. xx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Love the crochet cushion! Good luck with the cleaning;) x

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Those ducks are brilliant, how clever are you! I'm like you with the ironing, things only gets creased when you wear them anyway! Good luck with the visit. Suzy x

Jo said...

Thanks for the lovely comments all of you! I wish there was a reply button to send a little reply to you all individually but there isn't so I end up having to do a group reply.
I have been decluttering like my life depends on it and am almost done. Phew!

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