Thirty fabulous fun goals for 2013

I came across a new blog yesterday after following a 'like' on Instagram and found myself at Sophie's lovely blog: her library adventures.

Sophie has written a lovely post labelled thirty fabulous fun goals for 2013 and I felt so inspired by her list of lovely ideas, that I decided I'd like to have a go at making a list of my own.  I have always been a planner; I love the feeling of excitement that comes with anticipating something you want to do, of thinking about it in detail and of writing it down.  The idea of planning a year full of fun things is right up my alley.

Here are my 30 fabulous fun goals for 2013:

  1. Improve my knitting skills and complete four knitted pieces
  2.  Make some squashy, heavy cushions using some of my fabric stash as the stuffing
  3. Make some cushion covers for my sofa using pompom trim
  4. Have a giveaway on my blog
  5. Try some different teas in the attempt to find one I like
  6. Go camping at least once
  7. Make a 'manly' sleep mask for Ade
  8. Have a green smoothie at least twice a week
  9. Buy organic groceries more often
  10. Cycle more regularly... Remember 'no bike trip is too short'
  11. Set up a meditation space in my home
  12. Make myself a money wallet to assist with budgeting .... something like these
  13. Make some monthly mood boards
  14. Learn how to hula hoop - get that hoop to stay up!
  15. Make myself a couple of tunic tops in vintage fabric ... something like this one
  16. Experiment with my hair and make up a bit more
  17. Incorporate the moon cycles more into my life .... Inspiration from a fave blogger
  18. Use incense every day
  19. Treat myself to 4 pedicures in the year
  20. Find a resource to learn some conversational Japanese!
  21. Have a  monthly 'do absolutely nothing day'
  22. Have a mini holiday in Byron Bay or Burleigh Heads
  23. Have dinner out with my dear friend Hen at least 9 times this year
  24. Watch sunsets at the beach 
  25. Spend a day making skin care products and candles with my Mom
  26. Go bush walking in the Otways
  27. Have a go at making myself a bra :)
  28. Spend some time in quiet every day
  29. Have a go at making some altered art
  30. Go for beach picnics with Ade
Wow!  Surprisingly enough it wasn't all that difficult to think of 30 things I want to do.  I know some of these things are pretty big, whilst others are things I already do and just wanted to remind myself to keep doing them.  
I'll be printing this list off and putting a couple of copies around the house; one on the fridge and one in my craft space.
I look forward to sharing my progress here on my blog over the coming year.
(I've already got one thing I'm keen to share; I'll be back with that over the weekend)

Hope you're enjoying your Friday

Jo x


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

At first I though yikes 30 things, that's ambitious! But actually you've put really great achievable things in there, your thinking about what's inside you as well as out! Great goals there, I'm sure you will do them all and feel better for doing them! Happy, healthy 2013! :) x

thefemalemunich said...

i have a suggestion for number 20: use this link
and your geelong library card number to access free online language courses, i've been using it to learn german :)

Jo Shedden said...

Lovely list Jo, got me thinking! Jxx

Jo said...

Thanks for the comments ladies,
Ada I too thought 30 was a bit of an ambitious number but I could have kept going!
Kim, I will certainly check out that resource. Thanks for that.
Jo, do you think you'll make a list yourself? I later categorised mine into every day, weekly, monthly, occasionally and one offs just so I could see what I'd committed myself to!
Thanks for popping by
Jo x

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