The week that was

'The week that was' was indeed a busy week.  It was the week where I visited family, where I turned another year older and where I did some good things for myself. 

Warning! This post is rather picture heavy!

I had intended to try out a new Sri Lankan restaurant for my birthday dinner, but found that it was closed until February.  So instead I chose to go for a picnic at the beach, to watch the sunset and listen to the waves

I bought some nicely prepared food from a cafe, packed up the picnic basket and ate out of tiffin boxes I bought back from a trip to India.

It was quite a windy evening so the picnic rug stayed in the car and so did we mostly!  With the window open I could hear the sound of the waves rolling in and I sat with my eyes closed for a little while just drinking it in, trying to slot that sound into my memory bank.

This was the view from where I sat

And this was the beach.  We ventured out for all of about 15 minutes before we raced back up the steps to get out of the wind.

And this is a rather bedraggled picture of me.  I had a wrestle with the hair brush after that wind had whipped my hair around, I can tell you!

Earlier in the day, I met my friend from work and we went for a pedicure; the first of my four for 2013.
It's a bit of an indulgent luxury but a birthday is a perfect excuse for both indulgence and luxury if ever there was one.

  So with baby soft feet, a tummy filled with yummy food and the sound of the waves rolling in, I turned a year older.
It was a most lovely way to spend my birthday! 

Also recently I was very kindly give a Leibster award from Jo over at Binds you to Me.
Thanks Jo, I look forward to answering your questions and getting round to passing the award on.

Hope you're keeping cool in the heat or warm in the snow, depending on where you are on the globe!

Jo x


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Happy belated birthday! :) x

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Yes, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Those pictures are lovely. Suzy x

Susan C. said...

Happy birthday....another goat! Lol.

Pedicures are NOT luxuries, I see them as a MEDICAL intervention...:-) . Cos I am older and less flexible I struggle to reach those tootsies....seriously I know podiatrists are highly trained and dont paint nails, but surely we can get this on Medicare? :-)
love the picture of the windblown look too.

Jennifer :: The Blissful Brush said...

Happy happy happy birthday Jo. xx

Jo said...

Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes ladies!
xx Jo xx

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