Getting all your ducks in a line

Someone asked me the other day if I'd ever heard of the saying 'getting all your ducks in a line'.  I said I hadn't and they asked me what I thought it might mean.  After a moment's ponder I suggested that perhaps it was something to do with having your ducks in a line so you could shoot them more easily?  Savage that I am!

They said 'no' in as diplomatic way as they could and gave me what they consider to be the 'official' meaning of the term by posing this next question   "what does a mother duck do to get her baby ducklings in a line?" Well she just starts walking and her ducklings follow her, she gets her butt into gear and those little ducklings just tag along, she doesn't faff around them trying to get them to line up perfectly because she knows it's an impossibility, she just moves and they move too!

This may all be sounding rather cryptic but the bottom line is it struck rather a loud chord with me.  I can tend to be a bit of a procrastinator at times, I tend to want my ducks to be perfectly in line before I get going and I really don't like that in myself.  I'd much rather be a do-er than a gonna; it's far better for my self esteem.  And so the story of the mother duck who doesn't stand around waiting for all her little ducklings to get in line before setting out on her trip, but instead just goes anyway, well I want to be a bit more like her. 

I found these little stones on the beach a couple of days after I'd heard the saying and they reminded me of the sets of flying ducks you get; the type Hilda Ogden had on her walls in Coronation Street about 25 years ago and that have recently come back in fashion.

You may have to squint and look through your eyelashes to see anything that remotely resembles a flying duck but they are unusual stones none the less.

Happy Monday
Jo x


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I'm going to try this next time we go shopping, it takes an age to get everyone ready, if I just jump in the car, perhaps they will hurry!
Seriously, I think this might be a good rule to live by! :) x

Jo Shedden said...

I can see the ducks! Wanted to let you know I have given you an award over at the blog, very well deserved, Jo x

Jo said...

Oh wow! Thanks Jo. I look forward to answering and asking some questions.

Ada, there's no guarantee that it'll work with humans, but give it your best shot!

Jo xx

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