Mince Pie Muffins, oh yes indeedy!

I've made a batch of these Mince pie Muffins from Ted & Agnes' blog.

They are DEvine!

And as much as I do love a mince pie, I think these make a really great change.

Give them a whirl, I doubt you'll be disappointed!

Jo x


The Christmas Tree - where there's a will there's a way

Over the weekend I really really really wanted to get our Christmas tree. 

For some reason, the whole of Geelong was out of diesel and after trying four petrol stations, the landy was running on fumes.  So the use of the trailer was ruled out as we had no way of towing it.
    I wasn't about to let this stop me though, I just had to figure out another way of getting the tree back.  

 So with the hubby and his muscles in tow, we chose our tree and proceeded to tie it to the roof of the car.  I felt quite American for some reason and did notice one other car on the way back home also had a tree on their roof.  The hubs pointed out that they probably had a roof rack.  Oh well I'm happy to work with what I've got and for once I was pleased that my car is a tad on the old side.
I also saw someone with their tree in their tinny, wish I'd got a picture of that..

So I got home, popped some Christmas tunes on and had a blast getting all my decorations out from storage and being creative.

I'm still enjoying Instagram and I know that heavily Instagrammed pics aren't a true representation of the scene, but I just love them.

Have you got your tree up yet?
Do you use the same ornaments year after year or go with fashion and change your colours?  Do tell
Jo x   



Some for the market and some for me

I have done a couple of markets lately and although they were fun, they do come with a certain amount of uncertainty.  Like what if nothing sells and I get stuck with everything?

So I decided that if I made things that I'd be happy to either give as a gift or to have in my house I can be happy that at least some of my unsold items will be put to use.

I do like these owls, I made some last year as Christmas pressies and my friends loved them

I sold quite a few bright owls, but not so many of the not -so-bright ones. 

My favourite is the brown one on the left, he has corduroy eyes
I sold several of the driftwood Christmas trees I made and couldn't resist keeping this little one for myself

And I seem to have gone a bit bunting barmy.
I made some of the little Christmas stockings into a garland

I'll be keeping this one I think.

I made some of Attic 24's crochet snowflakes and strung those onto a garland

I made some Christmas fabric bunting (I also made one with much bigger flags which is waiting to be put up by someone with much longer limbs than me)

I made some out of felt ornaments

It was a lot of work to get all these done and I was actually quite pleased to be able to keep some of the items for myself.
  I'm glad I like what I make!

Jo :)


Part 2 - I've got my Christmas craft on....

I mentioned in my last post that I'd made something else on Tuesday

It started with some pompom trim that I've been keen to use for a while

I bought the blue trim when I was back in Blighty earlier this year and I bought the white one from Spotlight

I made a little Christmas gift for my sofa using the cutest retro inspired fabric I bought a few weeks back

And I chose to back it with a piece of red polka dot fabric.  

I do love red and blue together

It was the first time I'd used pompom trim and it was surprising less difficult than I'd anticipated.  So I thought I'd make a gift for my Mother In Law

Her favourite colour is green, so when I saw this fabric it had MIL written all over it.  I do love cockatoos so that may have swayed me somewhat.  I'd have bought the kangaroo fabric but it wasn't green enough, so cockies it was

After having an easy time with the blue trim, I foolishly thought the white trim would be equally as easy to use and decided I'd make two cushions.  Once I got going I realised that the white trim was a heck of a lot more tricky, there seemed to be less room for the presser foot, only a millimeter or two but it just made it quite a bit harder to make sure only the pompoms showed.

All Christmas fabric was half price in Spotlight, so I bought some of this holly fabric for the backing.  I love how 'poofy' the cushion looks.  I was quite proud of myself as I initially felt like throwing in the towel when the first cockie cushion challenged my abilities, but I stuck at it and this matching pair will be winging their way off to my Ma In Law today.  

Jo x


I've got my Christmas craft on....Part 1

I got my Christmas craft on today after watching Kirstie's Homemade Christmas last night on telly. I thought I'd make some gift labels.

I used Sculpey (the same as Fimo in the UK), rolled it out, used a tiny star cookie cutter, stamped them using a rubber stamping kit, baked them and painted them.  

It sounds very straight forward when I write it like that but there was a lot of trial and error involving salt dough that was a real disaster.  (I'll show you the difference later) 

The process was easy enough and other than the Sculpey, I had everything at home.....

Here's a few pictures of how the painting process went....

I made sure the paint filled all the grooves

Once it was dry (I left mine for maybe 45 mins max), I used a dry cloth to rub off the excess paint

After the initial paint came off, I dampened the cloth slightly to remove the rest of the paint but didn't make the cloth too wet, otherwise it tended to pull some of the paint from in the grooves

I just kept going, rubbing gently and eventually it looked like this........

So what of the salt dough efforts?  The difference was vast

This was one of the few good ones.  Due to the way the dough rose in the oven, the letters became almost unreadable and the salt dough was far too porous for painting.  Most of them were unreadable.

The Sculpey was $4 a packet and I used almost 2 packets, so it's a pretty inexpensive way to make beautiful gift tags.  I think these would make a sweet tree decoration and perhaps the recipients may add them to their ornament collection.  I look forward to seeing how these look on my gifts.  I'll try to remember to take photos so I can share them here on my blog.

I also made something else Christmas'y' but I'll save that for my next post.

Jo x
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