It's warming up around here...

It's getting warmer around these parts.

At midday it was almost 30 degrees C in the shade!

Today is the kind of day where it's best to keep the blinds closed

When I first moved to Australia I used to think it was so weird how people would keep the blinds closed on a hot day, I mean it's hot, so let the sun stream in and bake in all its glory right?  Hmmm... no!  

I've since realised that once a house gets hot it takes quite a while to cool down and the best way to keep the heat out is through the windows.  I used to work in a beautiful old house (rented by a business) that had no cooling at all except for a wall mounted reverse cycle air conditioner on the wall in one room.  This gave me the best learning curve of how important it is to keep the sun outside so that the inside stays cooler, being an old house it had minimal insulation and would heat up really fast.  

In my house we normally get away with it for a couple of days and the house stays quite a bit cooler inside than out. (Today it's 23 inside).  And by the time we are just about to melt and decide we NEED to install air conditioning, the Victorian weather does what it does and we get what is known as a 'cool change', where the cool wind picks up and the windows get opened to let the heat out that has accumulated inside the house.

But for now we have the ceiling fans on and try to keep the use of the cooker to an absolute minimum

And yesterday the postie delivered our first Christmas card!

I still find it bizarre to see a Christmas card while I'm boiling hot, my brain just doesn't compute.  I wonder if it ever will?


Instagram from my Blighty holiday

I've been back from my trip back to Blighty for almost two months
A couple of weeks ago I felt a familiar not so great feeling and it took me a while to recognise it....

Homesickness... eugh
It's the time of year I think... 
... Bonfire night, Christmas and all that jazz

It's faded over the last few days, a bit of time spent with my Mom seemed to help a lot.

This evening I uploaded some Instagram pics using Instaport and these pics from my trip were in with the download... I thought I'd pop some of them on here...

Looking through rainy windows onto neighbours' gardens
I loved the patriotism that seemed to be everywhere due to the Jubilee and the Olympics

The Jelly Bean Bull in Selfridges in Birmingham was ginormous.  It was located just round the corner from the Cath Kidston shop.
Hydrangeas don't grow this well in my garden

There are definite differences I noticed between UK and Australian driving

This wall in Digbeth in Birmingham is made of crushed cars.  It's been there for years..Talk about recycling

I love the industrial elements of the city, I wonder what trade would have operated out of these buildings
Industrial buildings = history = stories = cool

Tudor buildings... in this case a pub

Soft serve ice cream "oh yes purlease"

London Lane in Upton, Worcestershire.
 I really did have a lovely time.  It was nice to remember.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, whatever you're up to.

I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow for a bit of a family gathering...
Jo x 


I need help to name my style.... any ideas?

Well I blogged ages ago about my desire to break out of the brown and beige world and into the land of colour and brightness but since then I've not really made much headway I'm ashamed to say.....

Because you know what?  I like so many different styles that I'm not sure what my own style is.  I love the white and brights of the world of Zilverblauw and the white and pastel Cath Kidston-ness of Yvestown and I also love the eclectic natural elements of Sibella Court  
But their styles are quite different and I haven't yet come across a blog who's style is one that I could totally live with in my own home.   
So in an effort to identify my own style that sings to me, I flipped through the books I keep magazine tear outs stuck into and I photographed the pages that really spoke to me; the ones I really really love.  I am hoping that this may identify to me the things that I love and that I might be able to 'name my style'.. 

So here goes.....

(Looking from left to right clockwise)
  • I love the beat up, informal look of the wooden tables and the shelving on the wall.
  • I love love love chesterfield sofas, I love the old display cabinet and I love the wooden windows
  • I really like the white painted wooden cabinet and the little drawers above it
  • I have a big things for benches at the table, and I like the mix and match look of furniture

  • I totally love these drawers. I love the fact that they are old, but functional and beautiful and I really do like this type of wood
  • Drawers - again I like the type of wood, I also like the wall of assorted goodies
  • I do like a bit of 70s too, I really like the cabinet (not so much the table and chairs) and I like the pop of orange and I am partial to a bit of 70's fabric gaudiness
  • I LOVE this notice board, and I mean LOVE!, it has history and is quirky

  • We have a bit of a stereo thing happening in our house.  This stereo looks great on the white cabinet.  I love the bird study picture and white floorboards
  • I like the sisal / jute rug, the muted stripes and the white floors and woodwork
  • I like the metal bed, the lack of clutter everywhere except on the picture wall
  • I like this bedroom a lot, I like the wooden bed base and the simple clean walls and linen, it looks very calming

  • I like furniture without airs and graces, (a bit like my favourite people).  I like the colour of the wood and the squashy comfortable looking cushions
  • I like the striped linen, I like those big over stated letters and I like the shabbiness of the shelving unit with the eclectic collections on there (I'm not overly keen on the actual things on display but I like the look)

  • I really like window seats and stripes
  • Love the green of the sofa and the wooden display boxes
  • Floor cushions
  • I like the way these magazines are displayed, a bit of orderliness within the mess (I couldn't have the stuff on the wall as well though, it'd be too much on the eye for my tastes
  • I really like the vintage map on the wall   
And so these are the type of things I like.  How do I put this kind of style into words?
Does anyone know? 
Does it matter?
Is it even a style or just a mish-mash?
I do see that there is a fair bit of wood and white in there and some clutter but also some simplicity.  I seem to like natural, quite neutral and striped fabrics and old wooden pieces. One wall of eclectic bits and some painted wood and the odd bit of 70's garishness.
Any opinions, thoughts or advice?
Do you have a name for your style?
Do you have the same style throughout your house or different looks in different rooms?
Jo x  

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