Some thrifty finds of late...

I hope this post finds you well.
It's sunny and warm today here, just lovely.
I've been doing a bit of op shopping of late and found a few more goodies today that I thought I'd share with you.
Johnson tea plates 10c each!....... A cross stitch cushion front for $2 (I think it would look good framed)..... A tiny Kewpie doll for the princely sum of 50c......... A beautiful crochet blanket for $6.50!

I also got a whole stash of vintage children's books to add to my collection

The Enid Blytons were $1 each and most of the others were 10c, with the exception of a few that were 50c and 75c.
I have been collecting Enid Blyton books for a while, picking up the odd one here and there.  I really prefer the earlier Dean and Sons editions but initially I gathered all sorts, including the odd soft cover.  Now I am aiming for the full set of the 1960's, 70's editions.  I have seen them in vintage shops for $7 or so but to be honest I find it more fun to collect them from op shops. 

My little collection of vintage children's books (there are other newer Enid Blyton books behind the older ones and a few of those books were mine as a youngster
 I also found the most gorgeous version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears for 50c.  There's no date on the book but I'd say it's definitely 70's, if not 60's.  I love the art work

I love the expression on daddy bear's face and baby bear is so excited his hat has fallen off!

And look at this beauty that I found a couple of weeks ago for just $2.  I was chuffed with it.  It has the box with it but it's a bit worse for wear.  I remember having the fisher price school house myself with those same little people in.

So there they are.... my thrifty op shop finds.  Plus a whole big dose of nostalgia!

Do you have a thing for vintage children's goodies?

Enjoy your day
Jo x


Ain't Love Grand?

At the weekend I went to a wedding.  A beautiful wedding (as all of them are) with lovely people who I have known for as long as I've been living here.  It was a whole weekend affair in the middle of the bush and we camped in our tent, whilst others chose the 'glamping' option of the onsite cabins.  The bridal suite was a shipping container all done up and the reception was held in a tin shed.  The surroundings suited the wedding theme 100%.  It was a 1920's bush dance themed event and people came dressed for the occasion.  

D'you want to see some pictures?

We drove down red dirt tracks to get there

The tin shed had wood burners on the go inside and there was plenty of bunting around the place.  We gathered in here just before the wedding

Where we were greeted by the bride and groom who led a procession to the little chapel

The little outdoor chapel with the accordion player greeted the bride and groom. He played the bridal waltz!  It was ever so romantic

And the deed was done, Hoorah!  I had a little tear ....      

People chatted whilst the papers were being signed
Beautiful sisters in beautiful outfits
All grace and decorum went out the window for the bouquet throwing skirmish
Then it was back down to the hall for the reception.  I'm afraid here is where my pictorial story gets a bit thin (I blame the Bulmers!)  It was lovely to be greeted by the smell of the fires as we came back towards the reception.  As well as the wood burners inside there was a fire area outside which was just lovely.  It was great to sit and get to know people around the fire; there were such a broad range of people there.

I made the bride a different kind of good luck charm that is nestled in there with a few horse shoes
Wanna see?

I used a few beach bits as they live by the ocean and surf, I cut a heart on the band saw and added a Buddha's head for good luck.  It all hung from a bangle that I sprayed white and covered with heart ribbon.  She loved it and I've gotta say I was rather taken with it too!
It was such a relaxed and informal wedding; and very true to the type of people that the bride and groom are.  There was so much lovely food and drink, really great company, new friends to be made and even the celebrant spun a bit of vinyl in the evening.  

I think this week will be full of early nights to recover though! :)

Jo x


Purchases on my radar

 Here are some goodies that are on my purchase radar

I'd like to have a look inside the pages in this beautiful book

Flea Market Style
I bet I'd love this one too....  
(link to Amazon) 

  Locket Necklace- Your Soul Shines 

 I'm loving these cute little interchangeable lockets available from here

Tea towel - Fox 
 This cute little fox pillow to sew, available from here

Large Toadstool Lamp
And I've had this on my radar for ever such a long time now.  Available here.
I have such a thing for mushrooms

I love this idea.  Get your Instagram pics in magnet form from here

I'm in the middle of a whole house Spring clean and am up to my elbows in 'stuff'. I really should not be looking at more 'stuff' but you know how it is... out with the old and in with the new and all that

Hope you're having a lovely day
Jo x  


Crochet pattern for a mini Christmas stocking decoration

I'm home after my visit back to England.  I had an amazing time and loved every minute of it.  I saw most of my friends and caught up with my Dad and did lots of shopping and day tripping.  It was a manic 2 weeks but it was fabulous.

I've been getting back into day to day life and once I got over a grotty cold I caught off the plane home I got back into crafting, doing a little bit of Christmas making in preparation for a market I'm doing next month.

I've been making these...

I've got a knitted version of one of these (an op shop purchase)but as I'm a hopeless knitter I made the pattern up for a crocheted version.  I thought I'd share it here for anyone who would like to make some. 

Each one measures just under 7cm high
 Here's how to do it.....

dc = insert hook into st, yarn over, pull through (2 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through 2 loops.

decrease = insert hook into st, yarn over & pull through (2 loops on hook), insert hook into next st, yarn over and pull through(3 hooks on loop), yarn over and pull through 3 loops
  • Chain 21, turn
  • Row 1. dc into second chain from hook, dc into next 8 st, dc twice into the next 3 st, dc into remaining 9 st, turn 
  • Row 2. ch 1(counts as 1 st), dc to the end 
  • Row 3. ch 1, dc into next 10 st, dc twice into next st, dc in next 11 st
  • Row 4. ch 1, dc in next 8 st, decrease 3 times (make 6 st into 3), dc into remaining 9 st
  • Row 5. ch 1, dc in next 7 st, decrease 3 times (over the next 6 stitches), dc into remaining 7 st
  • Row 6. ch 1, dc in next 6 st, decrease twice (over next 4 st), dc in remaining 7 st
  • Row 7. ch 1, dc in next 6 st, decrease once (over next 2 st), dc into remaining 7 st
  • Row 8. ch 1, dc into next 14 st.
  • Row 9 - 13. Repeat row 8, fasten off at the end of row 13 (should be on wrong side of your work)
  • Row 14. Change to white yarn and dc into each st to the end
  • Row 15. dc to the end, at the end of the row chain 18 st and then fasten off
To make up your boot, turn wrong sides facing and slip stitch together, leaving the top of the boot open and ensuring that the tail of chain stitches are in a loop for hanging.
I hope the pattern makes sense, I can elaborate on anything if needed.
Is anyone else getting their Christmas groove on or am I sickeningly early?
Jo :)
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