Nick-nack cube display shelf (Part 2)

So in my last post I shared the cube display shelf that I made and mentioned that my hubby had also made one.  He is a lot more precise that I am, he takes his time and is quite the perfectionist.  Me on the other hand am way more slap dash.  We compliment each other well.  
So in case you didn't see it here is a pic of the display shelf I made from a couple of drawers that were in the hubby's eyes were only really good for the scrap heap...

Once I'd finished he changed his mind and was actually quite impressed.  

Here was his version.....

There seem to be a lot of vehicles on this one for some reason!

This one lives in the kitchen and I think it suits the clean style of the room well.  Here's a close up of some of the goodies on the shelves

Hollie Hobbie plate

Salt and Pepper shakers; a gift from my sister

My Nan's egg cups that are probably about 40 years old; I can remember having my boiled
egg out of these when I was little

A typewriter trinket box

My Cornish Pisky

I used to love my little green mini, this is a little reminder

A pewter bride and groom figurine; the original was found in an op shop and my hubby's friend
cast us a few to give as wedding gifts
Happy Tuesday
Jo :)


Nick-nack cube display cabinet (Part 1)

I have had a fancy for one of these square display shelves for a while.  I asked my hubby to make me one and also thought I might have a go at knocking one up myself.

 I decided I no longer needed this cupboard that had once been my potting station but lay unused at the side of the house.  I had an idea...

....of putting the drawers to use

I used the front and 2 sides of one drawer and the front of the other drawer to complete a rectangle and look how it turned out...

 With the 2 sides and 2 backs left over, I made the shelving inserts

I used a nail gun to attach the cross shelves
and glued in the down sections

Then I gave it all a rough sanding once it was all dry and filled it with some of my favourite nicknacks 

 I like the rustic look of it.  It sits in the lounge room and I like having a spot to put some of my favourite little goodies.

It was a little bit of a challenge for me to make (I am more at home with fabric than wood) and I did need a bit of assistance from the hubs from time to time.  I was pleased with how my one turned out.

What d'you reckon? 

I'll show the one that the hubby made in another post.

Jo x


Make your own carpet freshener

In our house we have floorboards in all rooms except our bedroom.  The hubs isn't that keen on floorboards (he thinks they're cold and uninviting) but I've gotta say I am a big fan.  They're way easier to clean and I couldn't imagine having carpets all through the house now.  I don't think they are quite as homely as carpet but I know that's because of what I've been  used to; there's nothing quite like a comfy carpet to plonk on in front of the TV.  So to soften the floors up we have rugs and we compromised on having wall to wall carpet in our room so that our little tootsies have something nice to greet us in the morning.  


In order to keep our carpet smelling fresh I have been making my own powdered freshener for a while now as I don't like the artificial smell of the 'shake and vac' type of ones and I don't imagine for one minute that they're all that great health wise.  While I was making some this morning I thought I'd take a couple of pics and post it on here.  It's super simple to make and really does smell lovely.  I am always using essential oils in everything and this is no exception....

You will need:

  • Bicarb Soda
  • Essential oils of your choice (I usually use lavender and add something else like patchouli or bergamot)
  • Dried lavender flowers (if you have them and if you want to use them)
  • A jar or container with holes in the lid.

Now for the very scientific part....

Put your bicarb in your container, add a few drops (maybe 10 in total) of your essential oils (I wouldn't use fragrance oils), add your dried flowers and give it a shake.  If I'd got one of the empty shake and vac type containers I'd use that but mine is a very rough model I made  by hammering a nail several times through a jam jar lid.  If you're gonna do it this way, I'd recommend making the holes big enough for the powder to come out easily and also to poke the nail / screwdriver from inside the lid to outside so that the powder can flow easily.

And there you have it.

Your own environmentally, body and pet friendly carpet cleaner.  I shake mine on and leave it for a while so that the good smells have chance to attach themselves to the fibers and then I vacuum as normal and delight in my beautifully smelling room.

Happy Tuesday to you
Jo :)


Long time no see!

Well it has been a while since I've click clacked on this page.  I opted out for a while and am still feeling a little bit quiet to be honest.  I've been hibernating and had a phase where I completely didn't read any blogs and writing a blog post couldn't have been further from my mind.  It's only been just recently that I have started to have a bit of a gander at my blog roll list and I've gotta say I have really enjoyed revisiting them. 

As for writing a blog post myself, I think once I hadn't written for a while it then became a slightly harder to just pop along here; a bit like when you haven't called that friend for such a long time and you kind of think that maybe it's been too long to just call as if nothing happened and you don't really have a concise explanation to give to them as to why you went awol.  (Yes there was a computer virus, but that doesn't account for 2 months missing in action does it?)  Well that's where I've been.  I was pretty shocked when I realised that my last post was over 2 months ago! 

So here I am.
I'm giving myself permission to have a gentle start back into the blogging world.
Jo x

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