Some for the market and some for me

I have done a couple of markets lately and although they were fun, they do come with a certain amount of uncertainty.  Like what if nothing sells and I get stuck with everything?

So I decided that if I made things that I'd be happy to either give as a gift or to have in my house I can be happy that at least some of my unsold items will be put to use.

I do like these owls, I made some last year as Christmas pressies and my friends loved them

I sold quite a few bright owls, but not so many of the not -so-bright ones. 

My favourite is the brown one on the left, he has corduroy eyes
I sold several of the driftwood Christmas trees I made and couldn't resist keeping this little one for myself

And I seem to have gone a bit bunting barmy.
I made some of the little Christmas stockings into a garland

I'll be keeping this one I think.

I made some of Attic 24's crochet snowflakes and strung those onto a garland

I made some Christmas fabric bunting (I also made one with much bigger flags which is waiting to be put up by someone with much longer limbs than me)

I made some out of felt ornaments

It was a lot of work to get all these done and I was actually quite pleased to be able to keep some of the items for myself.
  I'm glad I like what I make!

Jo :)


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I love those owls! :)

Susan C. said...

I agree with your favourite, but the bright ones are very "now owls".
What markets are you at? I love a market, only need the slightest excuse to turn up!

Jo said...

Thanks Ladies.
Susan I just did a couple of small school markets in Geelong and Melbourne. I don't do them regularly. I do like going to markets too.
Jo :)

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