Part 2 - I've got my Christmas craft on....

I mentioned in my last post that I'd made something else on Tuesday

It started with some pompom trim that I've been keen to use for a while

I bought the blue trim when I was back in Blighty earlier this year and I bought the white one from Spotlight

I made a little Christmas gift for my sofa using the cutest retro inspired fabric I bought a few weeks back

And I chose to back it with a piece of red polka dot fabric.  

I do love red and blue together

It was the first time I'd used pompom trim and it was surprising less difficult than I'd anticipated.  So I thought I'd make a gift for my Mother In Law

Her favourite colour is green, so when I saw this fabric it had MIL written all over it.  I do love cockatoos so that may have swayed me somewhat.  I'd have bought the kangaroo fabric but it wasn't green enough, so cockies it was

After having an easy time with the blue trim, I foolishly thought the white trim would be equally as easy to use and decided I'd make two cushions.  Once I got going I realised that the white trim was a heck of a lot more tricky, there seemed to be less room for the presser foot, only a millimeter or two but it just made it quite a bit harder to make sure only the pompoms showed.

All Christmas fabric was half price in Spotlight, so I bought some of this holly fabric for the backing.  I love how 'poofy' the cushion looks.  I was quite proud of myself as I initially felt like throwing in the towel when the first cockie cushion challenged my abilities, but I stuck at it and this matching pair will be winging their way off to my Ma In Law today.  

Jo x


Susan C. said...

I love a cushion, they are very sweet. Spotlight is not a bad place to pick up the odd bargain is it? Trouble is what to do with said cush after Christmas? I think you need to make one for each season. :-)

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Absolutely LOVE them, I'm really into bobble trim now....how can I not have succumbed to it before I'll never knw! :)

Caroline South said...

They're great Jo, really sweet. I'm sure your mother in law will love her gift. xx

Jo said...

Susan, I had the same thoughts of what to do with the cushion after Christmas and decided it'll go away with the decorations and will come out next year. A cushion for all yearly events would be quite a fun project *mind is whirring*.

Ada, I've already been thinking of what else I can make with the bobble trim, it's a bit addictive and just so adorable to look at!

Caroline, my mother in law is such a sweetie, I think even if she didn't like them she'd pretend, but I do think she will!

Jo x

thefemalemunich said...

i have a soft spot for australiana, those christmas cockatoos are rad. :)

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