It's warming up around here...

It's getting warmer around these parts.

At midday it was almost 30 degrees C in the shade!

Today is the kind of day where it's best to keep the blinds closed

When I first moved to Australia I used to think it was so weird how people would keep the blinds closed on a hot day, I mean it's hot, so let the sun stream in and bake in all its glory right?  Hmmm... no!  

I've since realised that once a house gets hot it takes quite a while to cool down and the best way to keep the heat out is through the windows.  I used to work in a beautiful old house (rented by a business) that had no cooling at all except for a wall mounted reverse cycle air conditioner on the wall in one room.  This gave me the best learning curve of how important it is to keep the sun outside so that the inside stays cooler, being an old house it had minimal insulation and would heat up really fast.  

In my house we normally get away with it for a couple of days and the house stays quite a bit cooler inside than out. (Today it's 23 inside).  And by the time we are just about to melt and decide we NEED to install air conditioning, the Victorian weather does what it does and we get what is known as a 'cool change', where the cool wind picks up and the windows get opened to let the heat out that has accumulated inside the house.

But for now we have the ceiling fans on and try to keep the use of the cooker to an absolute minimum

And yesterday the postie delivered our first Christmas card!

I still find it bizarre to see a Christmas card while I'm boiling hot, my brain just doesn't compute.  I wonder if it ever will?


Rustic Vintage Country said...

Oh wow, it was minus 3 before I went to bed last night! I'm not sure I could cope with Christmas in hot weather, as you say it's not quite right but I'm sure the rest makes up for it! Suzy x

Jo said...

Brrrr! minus 3! That's COLD! I'm not sure I'd cope with that now but I've got to admit I can't help but think of the romantic visions of the fire roaring and the mulled wine on the go... *eyes glaze over*
Jo x

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