Instagram from my Blighty holiday

I've been back from my trip back to Blighty for almost two months
A couple of weeks ago I felt a familiar not so great feeling and it took me a while to recognise it....

Homesickness... eugh
It's the time of year I think... 
... Bonfire night, Christmas and all that jazz

It's faded over the last few days, a bit of time spent with my Mom seemed to help a lot.

This evening I uploaded some Instagram pics using Instaport and these pics from my trip were in with the download... I thought I'd pop some of them on here...

Looking through rainy windows onto neighbours' gardens
I loved the patriotism that seemed to be everywhere due to the Jubilee and the Olympics

The Jelly Bean Bull in Selfridges in Birmingham was ginormous.  It was located just round the corner from the Cath Kidston shop.
Hydrangeas don't grow this well in my garden

There are definite differences I noticed between UK and Australian driving

This wall in Digbeth in Birmingham is made of crushed cars.  It's been there for years..Talk about recycling

I love the industrial elements of the city, I wonder what trade would have operated out of these buildings
Industrial buildings = history = stories = cool

Tudor buildings... in this case a pub

Soft serve ice cream "oh yes purlease"

London Lane in Upton, Worcestershire.
 I really did have a lovely time.  It was nice to remember.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, whatever you're up to.

I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow for a bit of a family gathering...
Jo x 


Rustic Vintage Country said...

Just read this with interest, being part brummie you've shown me places and things that even I didn't know about!! Must take a trip into the city centre soon, even though I don't really like the hustle and bustle of the city (more and country girl). Suzy x

Jo said...

I've gotta say Suzy, I do have a new appreciation for Brum, I spent so many years there and never really 'saw' it. I love the history. I think I'm more of a city girl than a country girl but I do love the countryside.
Jo x

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