I need help to name my style.... any ideas?

Well I blogged ages ago about my desire to break out of the brown and beige world and into the land of colour and brightness but since then I've not really made much headway I'm ashamed to say.....

Because you know what?  I like so many different styles that I'm not sure what my own style is.  I love the white and brights of the world of Zilverblauw and the white and pastel Cath Kidston-ness of Yvestown and I also love the eclectic natural elements of Sibella Court  
But their styles are quite different and I haven't yet come across a blog who's style is one that I could totally live with in my own home.   
So in an effort to identify my own style that sings to me, I flipped through the books I keep magazine tear outs stuck into and I photographed the pages that really spoke to me; the ones I really really love.  I am hoping that this may identify to me the things that I love and that I might be able to 'name my style'.. 

So here goes.....

(Looking from left to right clockwise)
  • I love the beat up, informal look of the wooden tables and the shelving on the wall.
  • I love love love chesterfield sofas, I love the old display cabinet and I love the wooden windows
  • I really like the white painted wooden cabinet and the little drawers above it
  • I have a big things for benches at the table, and I like the mix and match look of furniture

  • I totally love these drawers. I love the fact that they are old, but functional and beautiful and I really do like this type of wood
  • Drawers - again I like the type of wood, I also like the wall of assorted goodies
  • I do like a bit of 70s too, I really like the cabinet (not so much the table and chairs) and I like the pop of orange and I am partial to a bit of 70's fabric gaudiness
  • I LOVE this notice board, and I mean LOVE!, it has history and is quirky

  • We have a bit of a stereo thing happening in our house.  This stereo looks great on the white cabinet.  I love the bird study picture and white floorboards
  • I like the sisal / jute rug, the muted stripes and the white floors and woodwork
  • I like the metal bed, the lack of clutter everywhere except on the picture wall
  • I like this bedroom a lot, I like the wooden bed base and the simple clean walls and linen, it looks very calming

  • I like furniture without airs and graces, (a bit like my favourite people).  I like the colour of the wood and the squashy comfortable looking cushions
  • I like the striped linen, I like those big over stated letters and I like the shabbiness of the shelving unit with the eclectic collections on there (I'm not overly keen on the actual things on display but I like the look)

  • I really like window seats and stripes
  • Love the green of the sofa and the wooden display boxes
  • Floor cushions
  • I like the way these magazines are displayed, a bit of orderliness within the mess (I couldn't have the stuff on the wall as well though, it'd be too much on the eye for my tastes
  • I really like the vintage map on the wall   
And so these are the type of things I like.  How do I put this kind of style into words?
Does anyone know? 
Does it matter?
Is it even a style or just a mish-mash?
I do see that there is a fair bit of wood and white in there and some clutter but also some simplicity.  I seem to like natural, quite neutral and striped fabrics and old wooden pieces. One wall of eclectic bits and some painted wood and the odd bit of 70's garishness.
Any opinions, thoughts or advice?
Do you have a name for your style?
Do you have the same style throughout your house or different looks in different rooms?
Jo x  


Rustic Vintage Country said...

I'm a bit like you with my tastes and it is difficult to define. I have two plastic folders full of ideas which funnily enough I was scouring through this morning. I did notice that I tend to go towards more cream than white as it's still nice and bright and airy but with a warmer feel but also with wooden pieces to add some warmth.I also like things to be touchable though and worn looking like your first pic of table. I did an online style test some time ago and my style came out as Rustic Revival which suits me fine. Wish I could remember where I took this as you might like to try it. I wouldn't worry about a title just go with what makes you feel good and mix n match to your hearts content. By the way my hubs has around 500 vinyl LP's and still adding to them, all fitted into white bookshelves! Suzy x

Jo said...

Thanks Suzy, I like the sound of Rustic Revival. It sound quite cool; it makes me think of a big farmhouse. *eyes glaze over*
I love that vinyl has come back in fashion, my hubby used to DJ yonks ago and has kept his records from then, we have the occasional vinyl Friday which tends to be a bit of an 80's party with just the 2 of us! Sad but true!
Jo x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I like all these things too! Don't try an stick to just one style, if it's not you! Mix it up a bit! I tend to go for a mainly neutral colour in the background but then throw in lots of colour with cushions, blankets and 'stuff'. I think style develops over time, it should always be changing and evolving, otherwise it would become stale! Let us know how you get on! :)

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