Some thrifty finds of late...

I hope this post finds you well.
It's sunny and warm today here, just lovely.
I've been doing a bit of op shopping of late and found a few more goodies today that I thought I'd share with you.
Johnson tea plates 10c each!....... A cross stitch cushion front for $2 (I think it would look good framed)..... A tiny Kewpie doll for the princely sum of 50c......... A beautiful crochet blanket for $6.50!

I also got a whole stash of vintage children's books to add to my collection

The Enid Blytons were $1 each and most of the others were 10c, with the exception of a few that were 50c and 75c.
I have been collecting Enid Blyton books for a while, picking up the odd one here and there.  I really prefer the earlier Dean and Sons editions but initially I gathered all sorts, including the odd soft cover.  Now I am aiming for the full set of the 1960's, 70's editions.  I have seen them in vintage shops for $7 or so but to be honest I find it more fun to collect them from op shops. 

My little collection of vintage children's books (there are other newer Enid Blyton books behind the older ones and a few of those books were mine as a youngster
 I also found the most gorgeous version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears for 50c.  There's no date on the book but I'd say it's definitely 70's, if not 60's.  I love the art work

I love the expression on daddy bear's face and baby bear is so excited his hat has fallen off!

And look at this beauty that I found a couple of weeks ago for just $2.  I was chuffed with it.  It has the box with it but it's a bit worse for wear.  I remember having the fisher price school house myself with those same little people in.

So there they are.... my thrifty op shop finds.  Plus a whole big dose of nostalgia!

Do you have a thing for vintage children's goodies?

Enjoy your day
Jo x


Rustic Vintage Country said...

Fabulous finds there, what a treat! There is some stunning art work in children's books. I've been collecting Ladybird books recently, it wasn't planned but I can't resist them when they are at the right price. Some of our charity shops (our version of your op shops) can be quite expensive but there are still some left where you can get good bargains. Suzy x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Love these books, just going to have a snoop around the rest! Thanks for visiting me! Ada :)

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