Purchases on my radar

 Here are some goodies that are on my purchase radar

I'd like to have a look inside the pages in this beautiful book

Flea Market Style
I bet I'd love this one too....  
(link to Amazon) 

  Locket Necklace- Your Soul Shines 

 I'm loving these cute little interchangeable lockets available from here

Tea towel - Fox 
 This cute little fox pillow to sew, available from here

Large Toadstool Lamp
And I've had this on my radar for ever such a long time now.  Available here.
I have such a thing for mushrooms

I love this idea.  Get your Instagram pics in magnet form from here

I'm in the middle of a whole house Spring clean and am up to my elbows in 'stuff'. I really should not be looking at more 'stuff' but you know how it is... out with the old and in with the new and all that

Hope you're having a lovely day
Jo x  


Susan C. said...

Love the locket. It's nice to dream of the stuff we could have one day......maybe.

Caroline South said...

I love that fox, so cute! x

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