My holiday..... A list of things I want to do in England

My visit to England is almost here and I've been thinking loads about what I'd like to do while I'm there.  I've only got two weeks to cram in as much as I can.

Here's my list so far, in no specific order...
  • See Friesian cows
  • Visit as many fabric shops as possible
  • Go to Upton for lunch in the pub by the river
  • See my Dad
  • Meet a friend's baby for the first time
  • See my friends' lives... how their children have grown, see them in their homes and generally how life is treating them
  • Meet up with my family member who left Australia a couple of years ago, and meet her man
  • Go to pubs, at least one country one and one city one and all the rest in between :)
  • Go for drives in the countryside
  • Do some nice things for my Hubby's birthday
  • Have a look round my old city, seeing if things have changed
  • Go to H&M, Smithsonia, M&S, Waterstones, The Works, Boots, ASDA, Tesco, card shops (look I know it's a bit sad to include the supermarket in my list but...)
  • Visit Birmingham museum and pop my head into the library to see if the smells the same as I remember it
  • Have a cream filled Belgian bun (...ooooh yum)
  • Go to see a band, preferably in an Irish pub
  • Buy lots of edible goodies to take home (double deckers, hoola hoops, discos, orange clubs, penguins..... this list is endless and could be a list of its own!)
  • Go shoe / boot shopping
  • Visit a couple of op shops and a car boot sale
  • Have a few good curries..... mmmmm....
That's the list for now.  I'm sure I'll think of 100 other things I want to do between now and September 15th when I fly.  I'm keeping my eye open for medieval or folk festival to go along to....


Brown Paper Packages said...

Ooooh ... I'm so jealous. Being a closet POM wannabee means I don't have the ability to wish those going to Ol Blighty a great trip cos I'm not able to go too... Just kidding... have a super trip and see if you can fit in a National Trust site or two ... you'll love it.

Jo said...

Haha, you're already there Jo, you get to go to Tesco whenever you want! I bet it never features on your 'things I want to do today' list though! Good idea about the National Trust, I'll check it out before I go. x

Eleni said...

You forgot a full English breakfast and a cream tea!

Hope you have a great trip.
Bring your wellies ;)

Jo said...

ooo yeah Eleni, a full English (it'd have to be in a greasy spoon). I might just have to factor that one into the schedule!
I've placed my order for a dry 2 weeks so fingers & toes crossed :D

Michele said...

Have a fab time! Fingers crossed about the weather, it's been very dry here in Suffolk....so we may be due some rain :-( BTW- Big thanks for the tip on getting 'Whats app' to keep in touch with my son in Oz, we use it all the time now x

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