Blowing away the cobwebs

The sun shone today after a few days of relatively grotty weather.
I checked the tide times and figured that there would be enough beach to walk on, so with the obligatory dog ball in my bag off we went.

I don't often take my camera to the beach but I decided that instead of this trip being all about the dog getting his exercise, today was going to be a time to take some photos and the dog walk was secondary to that

 So as I walked I looked for treasures

At times losing the dog, only to see him appearing from the top of the dunes when I whistled him

 I noticed a shell sitting inside a shell


 This was some sort of sponge

 The water was clear, it was freezing though.  I kicked off my flip flops and walked along in the water up to my shins, initially a bit of a shock but pretty refreshing...

 I caught this shot of Mack mid air on his way to pouncing on the ball

I love the iridescence on the inside of these shells

 I love the noise of the sea as the waves do their thing

 This was the last photo I took; the tiniest purple shell

I love being able to go the beach in the week, as more often than not we're there on our own.

I can't wait for Spring, this weekend coming is the last weekend of Winter, hoorah!

Jo x


...Tabiboo... said...

Gorgeous coastal picture and I love that picture of Mac in mid pounce.

Nina x

Lori said...

Oh My I am in love with Mack!!! Beautiful photos :)

Caroline said...

Gorgeous pictures. It looks so lovely there and those shells are just beautiful. Would love to find such treasures on our beach walks. xx

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