Nick-nack cube display shelf (Part 2)

So in my last post I shared the cube display shelf that I made and mentioned that my hubby had also made one.  He is a lot more precise that I am, he takes his time and is quite the perfectionist.  Me on the other hand am way more slap dash.  We compliment each other well.  
So in case you didn't see it here is a pic of the display shelf I made from a couple of drawers that were in the hubby's eyes were only really good for the scrap heap...

Once I'd finished he changed his mind and was actually quite impressed.  

Here was his version.....

There seem to be a lot of vehicles on this one for some reason!

This one lives in the kitchen and I think it suits the clean style of the room well.  Here's a close up of some of the goodies on the shelves

Hollie Hobbie plate

Salt and Pepper shakers; a gift from my sister

My Nan's egg cups that are probably about 40 years old; I can remember having my boiled
egg out of these when I was little

A typewriter trinket box

My Cornish Pisky

I used to love my little green mini, this is a little reminder

A pewter bride and groom figurine; the original was found in an op shop and my hubby's friend
cast us a few to give as wedding gifts
Happy Tuesday
Jo :)

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