Nick-nack cube display cabinet (Part 1)

I have had a fancy for one of these square display shelves for a while.  I asked my hubby to make me one and also thought I might have a go at knocking one up myself.

 I decided I no longer needed this cupboard that had once been my potting station but lay unused at the side of the house.  I had an idea...

....of putting the drawers to use

I used the front and 2 sides of one drawer and the front of the other drawer to complete a rectangle and look how it turned out...

 With the 2 sides and 2 backs left over, I made the shelving inserts

I used a nail gun to attach the cross shelves
and glued in the down sections

Then I gave it all a rough sanding once it was all dry and filled it with some of my favourite nicknacks 

 I like the rustic look of it.  It sits in the lounge room and I like having a spot to put some of my favourite little goodies.

It was a little bit of a challenge for me to make (I am more at home with fabric than wood) and I did need a bit of assistance from the hubs from time to time.  I was pleased with how my one turned out.

What d'you reckon? 

I'll show the one that the hubby made in another post.

Jo x


Caroline said...

Wow it looks great, well done you. How lovely to make something new that you want from an old piece of furniture. I like the rustic look too, looks great with your little things on. x

Jo said...

Thanks Caroline x

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