Make your own carpet freshener

In our house we have floorboards in all rooms except our bedroom.  The hubs isn't that keen on floorboards (he thinks they're cold and uninviting) but I've gotta say I am a big fan.  They're way easier to clean and I couldn't imagine having carpets all through the house now.  I don't think they are quite as homely as carpet but I know that's because of what I've been  used to; there's nothing quite like a comfy carpet to plonk on in front of the TV.  So to soften the floors up we have rugs and we compromised on having wall to wall carpet in our room so that our little tootsies have something nice to greet us in the morning.  


In order to keep our carpet smelling fresh I have been making my own powdered freshener for a while now as I don't like the artificial smell of the 'shake and vac' type of ones and I don't imagine for one minute that they're all that great health wise.  While I was making some this morning I thought I'd take a couple of pics and post it on here.  It's super simple to make and really does smell lovely.  I am always using essential oils in everything and this is no exception....

You will need:

  • Bicarb Soda
  • Essential oils of your choice (I usually use lavender and add something else like patchouli or bergamot)
  • Dried lavender flowers (if you have them and if you want to use them)
  • A jar or container with holes in the lid.

Now for the very scientific part....

Put your bicarb in your container, add a few drops (maybe 10 in total) of your essential oils (I wouldn't use fragrance oils), add your dried flowers and give it a shake.  If I'd got one of the empty shake and vac type containers I'd use that but mine is a very rough model I made  by hammering a nail several times through a jam jar lid.  If you're gonna do it this way, I'd recommend making the holes big enough for the powder to come out easily and also to poke the nail / screwdriver from inside the lid to outside so that the powder can flow easily.

And there you have it.

Your own environmentally, body and pet friendly carpet cleaner.  I shake mine on and leave it for a while so that the good smells have chance to attach themselves to the fibers and then I vacuum as normal and delight in my beautifully smelling room.

Happy Tuesday to you
Jo :)

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