Long time no see!

Well it has been a while since I've click clacked on this page.  I opted out for a while and am still feeling a little bit quiet to be honest.  I've been hibernating and had a phase where I completely didn't read any blogs and writing a blog post couldn't have been further from my mind.  It's only been just recently that I have started to have a bit of a gander at my blog roll list and I've gotta say I have really enjoyed revisiting them. 

As for writing a blog post myself, I think once I hadn't written for a while it then became a slightly harder to just pop along here; a bit like when you haven't called that friend for such a long time and you kind of think that maybe it's been too long to just call as if nothing happened and you don't really have a concise explanation to give to them as to why you went awol.  (Yes there was a computer virus, but that doesn't account for 2 months missing in action does it?)  Well that's where I've been.  I was pretty shocked when I realised that my last post was over 2 months ago! 

So here I am.
I'm giving myself permission to have a gentle start back into the blogging world.
Jo x

1 comment:

Eleni said...

Hi, thanks for your plait advice!

Don't feel guilty about taking a break from blogging - real life wins every time round theses parts ;)

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