One weekend of hooking, 2 finished projects

I had one of those weekends where there was nothing pressing that needed doing so with the heater turned on and a curry on the stove I got my craft on, whipped out my crochet hook and got two projects finished.

Yes that's right, TWO finished projects!

I can go for weeks without finishing anything so it was a great feeling to get two projects completed.

So here they are....

The first finished project is the little granny square blanket I've posted about on several occasions.

I had pondered the edge for a while, wondering whether to stop at each colour but then adding the next colour and being happy that I did.  I almost called it a day at the blue layer but I thought that having the white in the border would mimic the pattern of the squares.  The picot edge was decided with a couple of ladies at my craft group.  I did one edge and compared it with a white SC row and we all agreed the picot finished it off nicely.

Here is the link to the pattern I used

And then being the glutton for punishment that I am, the fancy took me to have a go at a pattern I had come across for a sunburst granny square.
After I made two I wondered what on earth I was doing when only an hour before I had clambered over the finishing line of my original granny square project that had ended up spanning 4 months. 
So I sat and after a bit of a ponder I got the inclination to make a cushion cover using bright scraps of wool with a white border. 
I thought this would be a lot quicker, take much less effort and hopefully not go on to span a quarter of the year.  So on I went and this is what I came up with this... the second finished project...

I couldn't face crocheting a back piece so I thought a sunny yellow polka dot might be the way to go.  I had to figure out how to attach the crochet front to the fabric back - that was more tricky that I thought it'd be.

I ended up whip stitiching the two sides together in not the best of lights so it does look a tad frankensteinish if you look too closely

I didn't want to faf around making button holes at 9pm on a Sunday night, so instead I ended up faffin a whole lot more and made a crocheted edge.  I didn't really know how to do it but seeing as though 'winging it' is my middle name, I just went for it and figure it out as I went.

Firstly I used a thick needle and blanket stitched across the edge, then did a row of slip stitch with the wrong side facing and then did a shell pattern that I made up using single crochet, half trebles and trebles with a slip stitch between them.  For the button holes I chained 4 and left a gap of 2 blanket stitches.  I'm sure if I'd calculated and worked it all out they would have been perfectly spaced. But I didn't and so they're not. ho hum.
If you want to check out the sunburst granny pattern for yourself I've attached a link hereI made a change to the pattern in that I only used trebles for the first round instead of the double trebles the pattern suggests.  I used a size 4mm hook and the squares came out at 4 inches.  One other thing I did was to make sure I loosened my tension between the cluster stitches to prevent a curl.
Have a go, it's quite easy...
P.S. My friend loved her horse cushion and she didn't see its imperfections (you may ask if she had left her glasses at home but no, she just loved it!)
P.P.S. Thankyou to the lovely people who have been popping along here and have been leaving lovely comments.  I really do appreciate you taking the time x
Jo :)


Caroline South said...

well done Jo, these are so lovely. I love the blanket, it was well worth the time spent - it's fab. And the cushion is great too, I love the little crochet strip on the back, so clever! I'm glad your friend liked her horse cushion. Xx

JoJo said...

Oh love it all and I do wish I had the skills to do something like this! Jo xx

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Such a pretty blanket, well done! x

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

2 finished projects!! I am so impressed, they are both gorgeous. Love the choice of fabric for the back of the cushion too! Well done you. xx

Kate In The Clouds said...

Oh I love your cushion! I am going to make one for myself... one day...

Michele said...

Oh these projects are wonderful, all the better for being finished...I seem to have sooo many unfinished ones on the go, so you've inspired me to focus and finish at least one or two of them! I've been in a 'limbo' type state as my eldest son has just moved to Australia, we waved him goodbye at Heathrow airport yesterday, and he's just got on the second and last leg of his flight to Brisbane, where he plans to stay for the next three years, maybe longer....so am feeling a bit teary atm....and just stumbled across your blog! The Australia connection again!
Anyway...well done x

Jo said...

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments ladies. Sorry for not replying sooner to these, I fell in to a hole for a while but I'm back now! Up and running with crochet hook in hand! Hugs to you all x

Jo said...

And Michelle, I can totally sympathize with you, I saw how heartbroken my mom was when both my brothers left for Australia and then when my mom left the UK I was a complete and utter mess for quite a while. Airports have a different meaning to me now; living abroad means I'm always saying goodbye to someone :(

I'm sure your son will have a wonderful time though and what an adventure to have. I bet you'll be booking your tickets for a visit very soon, if you haven't already done so.

A few practical tips... check out 'telesavers' as it's only 1p per minute for phone calls to Aus and I'm sure you know about skype (that really helped my hubby to be able to 'see' his parents). Also there's an app that you can put on your phones that allows you to send messages back and forth for free - it's called 'whatsap' or 'whataps' and it's been a godsend to my hubby who sends hundreds of messages back to friends and family.

Love and a great big hug to you x

Michele said...

Thanks so much for these tips Jo, I'll definitely be searching for those! we're trying to save for flights so we can get out next summer....so any money saving tips are very welcome!
He texted me last night after a safe arrival and a 20hr sleep!!
Yes airports are strange places....there were lots of teary faces at Terminal 3 on Sunday, and not just ours.
Big thanks again x x

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