May Intentions

Happy May to you...

Some little intentions for the coming month

* I have been trying to focus on living in the moment a bit just lately and I'd like to do a bit more of that this month.

* I am so so close to finishing the starburst blanket so that's got to go on the intention list

* I want to set up an account on Madeit and list some things on there

* I intend to spend Mothers Day with my Mom in Melbourne and to do something lovely with her on May 13th

* Go to the Moriac Makers and Growers Market on May 6th

* To carry on decluttering the house

* To get back to the patchwork quilt that I started in March 

I think that should do me for now!  Off out tonight for dinner with my horsey friend, I get to see her reaction when I give her the horse cushion I made.

Jo :)


Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Lovely intentions Jo, hope the month goes well for you! Also hope your friend liked the cushion, I think it's great! :) x

tamarajayne said...

What a great idea! Just found your lovely blog and will be popping by for a look often :)

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