You are my sunshine - Sunshine blog Award

I have had this post started and waiting in the wings for over a week since I ended up unexpectedly holding the baby reins for slightly longer than I anticipated.  So this morning I thought 'Jo, pull yer finger out gal and get it posted' so here I am, posting....

I mentioned a while ago that I had received a lovely Sunshine Award from Rachel at My Rainbow Vintage Home which made me smile.  For me as a fabric lover, Rachel's blog makes me feel a bit like a kid looking at a sweetie shop with the look of the 'wanties' in her eye. 

As part of the sunshine award, I have five questions to answer and then have to pass the Sunshine Award on to five other people who bring some sunshine into my day. So here goes. 

The answers to my five...
  • Colour: I have a definite thing for orange
  • Animal: Dogs for sure.  I do have a weakness for the squashed up faced ones; bulldogs, boxers, Boston terriers... you know the type (I heard it's because they most closely resemble monkeys / humans)
  • Non-Alcoholic drink:  I am a wild wild bore and love cold water.  (although the best water is the stuff that can be turned into wine!)  I'd love to be all refined and tea or coffee but just don't like them
  • Facebook or Twitter: It'd have to be facebook, I am a bit of a technophobe and tend to stick with what I know plus it's easier to share stuff with friends back in the UK who are also technologically challenged like me and only have facebook account
  • Getting or giving presents: A bit of both is nice; I really love making something for someone and wrapping it up nicely.  As for buying gifts, I can be a bit of an anxious pressie buyer; trying to find the exact right thing especially if I've left it until the last minute is a bit stressful - in that case I'd much rather be getting a pressie.
  • Flower: hmmmm... big bright happy gerberas and Stargazer lilies (not together)
  • Pattern: stripes, polka dots and anything retro and orange makes my pupils dilate
  • Passion: Yes please! Oh...how old am I?  Sorry, yes my passions are family and relationships, creating, fabric, plants, sunshine, op shopping and gloriously good food. I'm sure there are more but I was actually just gonna put yes please as my answer so these were the first things off the top of my head.
  • Number: 5. I did one of those 'work out your lucky number from your birth date' when I was a kid and have never actually questioned it until right now. hmmm! 
So now in reverse alphabetical order it's over to the five lovely peeps that bring some bloggy sunshine to my day. 

 * Zoe Jade from Ladybird Likes.  I really enjoy reading your super lovely blog and you make great lists.
 * Mel from Day to Day.  You always bring a little sunshine to my day with your creative colourful blog and I do so love your caravan.
 * Jo from Brown Paper and String.  We are kind of living life in reverse which I like PLUS the lovely photos of your two sweet little fellows and your days always bring a smile to my dial.
 * Hannah from Seeds and Stitches.  Yours was one of the very first blogs I followed and I always look forward to your posts, PLUS you've just had a baby; how much more sunny does it get?
 * Claire from Heart Handmade UK.  You take such a tremendous amount of time researching all the inspirational posts you share and you're just so very organised.

So in the spirit of saying it like it is... ladies I really like you lot a lot and thank you for sharing your world and bringing sunshine to my corner of the world through your blogs.

Jo :)


One Crafty Mumma said...

Thank you SO much and I'm about take a peek at the other links you mentioned,
Mel x

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Sorry Jo, I don't know how I missed this post at the time! Lovely answers, I'm so glad I passed it on to you. If you message me your address to rainbowvintagehome@googlemail.com I'd like to send you a little pressie from my sweetshop! :)

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