A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Look what came home with me yesterday after a quick visit to Spotlight to buy a zip....

The first two were off the roll and the bottom two were sold as fat quarters. 

I think the last one is probably my fave; I can remember when my Mom would go shopping on a Friday evening, upon her return I'd often get one of those books and spend hours meticulously popping the shapes out, folding them and arranging the outfits.

And just because I am a fence sitter, the second one down is probably my next fave, I love the bear with his paws in the air and the long nosed fox.  So cute

Jo :)


...Tabiboo... said...

Aaahhhhhh - tis always the way.

Beautiful fabrics

Nina x

JoJo said...

Oh yes- I had dolls like that too! I loved them! Thanks for reminding me and your comments over my way! Jx

Jo said...

Thanks for the comments ladies

Nina, I do wonder if only going to the shop for a zip but with $ in my purse was a subconscious intention! Maybe I'll have to try it again just to check...

Jo, those little dolls were what we played with before computers were invented (not that we're old of course), now I'm sure there's a virtual version!
the good old days eh?

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