Keep warm - make a hot water bottle cover

As the evenings turn a little bit chillier my thoughts have turned to ways of keeping warm and cosy.  The ripple blanket that I made ages ago didn't make it out into the landrover, instead it has found itself strewn across my legs over the last week or so and the hot water bottle has put in an appearance for the first time in months.  I forgot how hot those things get!

So I thought a cover would come in useful to protect any unsuspecting body part that may fall prey to the boiling hot rubber.  I did make a crochet one last year but it didn't keep its shape very well at all and I've put it away read 'lost it'.  So last night I got a-snipping and a-stitching and made one.  A very cheery yellow one with turquoise buttons; colour that I hope will bring a little bit of sunshine on the chilly nights ahead.  And because I am always making things and then sort of forget how I made them I took pictures and thought I'd put them into a bit of a tutorial.  Please excuse the pictures, it was dark and some of them are a bit dodgy!

To make one of these ....

  • Firstly you will need to draw around your hot water bottle and add approx an inch all around (no less but maybe a teensy bit more if you want a bit more space to manoeuvre).  Trace around this pattern only once onto your chosen fabric .  I used a piece of padded fabric that I had in my stash but a fleecy type fabric would be nice too.

  • Then for the fabric for the other side of the hottie you will need to cut your template anywhere from half way to a third of the way towards the bottom.  (This will allow for the opening for your hottie to go inside).  Add 1.5 inches to the straight edge of each section  and cut these pieces out of your fabric. 

  • So now lay your pieces in this order:
  1. whole piece right side facing you
  2. bottom piece wrong side facing you on top of the whole piece
  3. top piece wrong side facing you on top of the bottom piece
  • Pin the whole piece and the 2 half pieces together with a couple of pins just to hold them in place and now hem the bottom piece by folding the hem under by 0.5 inches and then under again by 1 inch

  • Then make the hem for the top half piece by folding the fabric to line up with where the bottom half is folded.  They need to overlap so if your fold comes to where the pointy edge of the pins are in the above photo that is where you want it to be.  (Basically it should just mean that you're turning your top half piece under by 0.5 inch and then again by 1 inch the same as you did with the bottom half piece)
It should now look like this...

  • Once they look like they are all lined up pin them and stitch the hems

  • If you're adding buttons it will be much easier to make the button holes at this stage.  If you're not using buttons you can add velcro or press studs later if you want to.

  • And then you're all ready for the sewing up bit.  You can add some piping in at this stage if you want to.  I won't go through the process here as I am no expert and I'm sure there are many more useful tutorials to watch to get the hang of that.  I added some yellow piping but I think some hot pink or turquoise would have been a bit more spesh.  So this is what you do next ...
  • Whizz around with the sewing machine using just under a half inch seam and pop the kettle on to fill the hottie... you're not far off now.

  • Snip into the corners to stop the fabric from puckering when you turn it right side out. If you want the inside to look beautiful you could zig zag stitch or overlock it if you want (I didn't)

  • Turn it right side out and sew on the buttons.  Fill your hottie and sit down for a cosy cuddle and a congratulatory glass of wine hot chocolate.

One hot water bottle cover to help keep the winter chills at bay whilst preventing rubber burns!
I hope you're keeping warm wherever you are
Jo :)


Caroline South said...

This is fab, what a cute cover. I love the colour and the buttons, and the how to make instructions are great. xx

...Tabiboo... said...

I totally need a new one - fab tutorial. Thank you.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Nina x

Jo said...

Glad you ladies liked it, it's doing a good job so far.
Jo :)

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