A list of things I love about England

Happy St George's Day

St George's Day
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I thought I'd write a little list of the things that I love about England to acknowledge the day

  • Country pubs ... I just loved going out for a drive to beautiful countryside pubs in the British Summertime
  • The sound of seagulls ... they always remind me of holidays and their sound make my heart soar
  • Woods ... a green canopy over head with a cool freshness underneath
  • Driving to Devon for the day for a pastie and scones and cream, then home again all in the one day
  • The history fascinates me more and more the older I get
  • Beautiful old churches and cathedrals
  • Distances being so reasonable to allow for regular weekends away somewhere new
  • The Tewkesbury Medieval Festival
  • Bonfire night ... that was always one of the highlights of the year for me
  • The Cornish coast ...its tradition and folklore
  • Regional accents
  • Popping to 'the local' after work for a pint and a carvery
I think that'll do for now. 
I might make bangers and mash for tea to mark the occasion
What will you be doing for the day?

Jo :)


Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Where are you from in the UK Jo? Sounds like it must have been somewhere nearish to me, we go to Cornwall every summer, it is wonderful. Hope you enjoyed your bangers and mash! x

Jo said...

I am from Birmingham, I lived in Cheltenham for a while and we used to keep our caravan just outside Tewkesbury so spend a lot of time round Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. I reckon I'd be able to drive straight down the M5 with my eyes closed!
When the fancy would take us we'd head off down to Devon for a pastie and a scone and every year we'd spend some time in Cornwall. I love it in St Ives and we had our wedding party in Seiners Hotel in Perranporth.
Gosh I got a bit carried away there didn't I, all I've left out is my height and shoe size! :D
When you're next in Cornwall have a scone for me!
Jo :)

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