Goodbye April - a monthly roundup

Doing these monthly roundups really makes me really feel the passing of time.  I'm quite liking making little memory lists of the things that I've done and setting myself little goals for the coming month.

My April Intentions  consisted of

. Meal planning - could have done with a bit more effort on this one...

. Organise the laundry - this one got a big  tick.  It had become a bit of a dumping ground for everything and anything so I got in there and tidied like my life depended on it.  I wish now I'd taken before photos so that I could marvel in the miracle of its beauty but to be honest I'm not sure I thought I'd ever get it done!

. Revisit my original granny blanket - This one gets a tick too.  I have got a tiny bit left to finish on the white starburst themed blanket I started back in February.  I've run out of wool so as soon as I get another ball I'll be back to show the finished article

. Make some plushies - Yep I did this too.  I made some cute little bunnies for Easter which I gave away before photographing them.  I also made up a little elephant pattern and used a woollen jumper that had been washed on a hot cycle to make him.  He's rather cute.  I used to have a bit of a thing for elephants and thinking about it that is possibly why he's still hanging around the house and hasn't been gifted yet. hmmm

. Beautify and organise the garden - I hadn't been out there in a while but I got my finger out this month and got snipping and tidying and it does look a bit better for it.  I planted some bok choi and lettuce and added some manure to the raised veggie beds.  So I think I'll give myself half a tick for this one.

There's Jeremy with his pipe in the veggie patch, he says he's too old to quit
smoking now.  I have to remind him not to flick his ash on the veg!

March was a month of adjusting to the change in the weather, lighting candles in the evening, making lots of gifts for birthdays and Easter, buying the very scrummy 'Homespun Style' by Selina Lake, crocheting pretty coloured cloths for the kitchen, painting babushkas on stones with my Mom, easing off on the op shopping (but not before I found the cutest little pyrex dish with a yellow and orange daisy on the lid), using tiny vases no more than 2 inches high to hold colourful flowers, having a bit of a de-clutter, going to a 21st and a 30th birthday party and booking a trip back to the UK for a little holiday to help ease a bit of homesickness.

Just before I scoot, I thought I'd share the beautifulness that is the pyrex dish

My eyes lit up when I saw that flower lid
I'll be back tomorrow with my May Intentions.

Au revoir
Jo :)


JoJo said...

Love it all and envy your general fab craftiness! I really LOVE that casserole dish! Some things just can't be left in the shop! Jxx

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Gorgeous Pyrex dish and generally looks like a very crafty and productive month, well done! R x

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