Giddy-up horsey

I've been making a couple of little gifts for my friend's birthday. 
She's a horse nut.

I made the little zip purse for her as an emergency pressie when I really was doubting whether I could give her the real pressie I made her.

I decided I'd try to make her a horse head cushion.

Well!  I was a bit disappointed with the outcome, the hubby called it a one eyed horse but only after I had said I was too embarrassed to give it to her (he'd know better than that!)

So here it is... the embarrasssing one eyed horse cushion

It's okay. You can laugh!

Fortunately for me my friend has an ace sense of humour so I'm going to give it to her anyway, I think she'll appreciate the sentiment behind it.  At least the little purse turned out well.

p.s.  I'll be back soon to show you the progress I've made on my granny blanket


Zoe Jade said...

Oh I think the horse cushion is adorable! M sure your friend will love it :) thanks s much for your comment on my blog lovely lady. I know you mentioned about getting a boxer brooch and wanted to let you know I have a big sale in my etsy right now but it ends at midnight tomorrow (Friday) so its your last chance to grab a boxer as I won't be reslisting them! Just wanted to let you know :) off t catch up on your blog right now - I too have fallen into the ether that is life. Big hugs lady xoxo

Caroline South said...

I think it's a fab horse cushion! Im sure your friend will love it! xx

Jo said...

You ladies are too kind!
I'm seeing my friend on Tuesday so I'll report back.
Jo :)

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