Doing one thing at a time

I've been so into crafty multi-tasking that I have overdone it a bit I think.

I knew there was a bit of something going on when I went to my Brown Owls group and just couldn't get into it.  I looked around and saw people who had committed to one project for several months, others who had spent several weeks on a larger project and some who did smaller projects and got them finished in the time between our fortnightly meetings.  They all had one thing in common... they had finished items to show for their efforts. And me?  Well I have taken something new with me to practically every single session and none of them are finished, NONE! Shame on me!

So when I got home I figured that I needed a strategy and decided that what I needed to do was to have only two projects on the go at one time;

a PRIMARY project and a SECONDARY project,

the first of which gets my full attention and the latter of which gets what's left over or is an option for when my interest fails in the first.  

I did this last week in an attempt to finish my original starburst granny that I started back in February.  I originally flew into the project crochet-hook-a-flying and ran out of steam when other more tempting things came onto the radar, fickle hey? 

48 squares finished and sewn together back in Feb
I did some secondary cuddly toy making for Easter but my main focus this week has been on getting those squares happening and getting to the finishing line. 

90 squares completed and sewn together
I think my strategy worked in getting me focused and getting on with only one project. The blanket has doubled in size.

90 sewn together with 18 more ready to go

I'm not too sure that I'm going to make it too much bigger than it is.  I've tried to find out how big cot blankets are and they seem to vary a lot.  This one is currently 99 x 72 cm without the border.  Each square measures a wee bit under 3.5 inches (approx 8.5cm)

I am so looking forward to that sense of accomplishment and achievement of having something complete.  I just have to make sure I don't skimp on the size because of my impatience; a bit like when a a kid says they're full up so that they can get onto their pudding! :)

What about you?  how do you manage your crafty schedule?  And any suggestions on how big a cot blanket needs to be?
(please say 99 x 72 cm!)

Jo :)


Caroline South said...

Well done, this is gorgeous. I love those colours together. I'm a bit like that too - lots of projects on the go at the same time! x

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

99 x 72 sounds perfect to me! It's stunning, great colours. I often don't even get around to starting projects,I'm always planning them in my head and sketchbooks and then I get distracted by a new idea - so I think you're doing brilliantly! :)

Jo said...

Okay so 99 x 72 it is then!

Caroline, how do you manage all the projects you have on the go, do you get them finished?

And Rachel, there are loads more projects in my head as well as the ones I have on the go. It's a hard life being a craftoholic!

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