Vintage fabrics and my March Intentions

Today I get to tick off one of my

It has taken me MANY MANY hours to figure out how to do it and a fitful night of dreaming about it, but this morning I awoke with an epiphany and finally I managed to make a photo collage. Hoo-flippin-rah!

And these fabric vintage finds were the motivation I needed to figure it out. 

Mind you looking at it now I still need to do a bit of work on the image selection; the full pictures of the table cloths don't look so great. 

Images from the top are: tabbard apron with funky orange peacock patterns, a circular Sheriden tablecloth, the floral edge of the rectangular table cloth on the next row, a beautiful mustard and floral rectangular tablecloth, a close up of the circular Sheriden tablecloth, a half pinny in green floral, a pink half pinny with the most gorgeous pocket details, a very awesome piece of unused fabric (the scale isn't apparent here but the flowers are about as big as dinner plates) and another tabbard apron in orange floral vintage fabric. 

A close up of the peacock pattern

Super duper florals
 Now what to do with them I wonder.  I absolutely hate the thought of cutting them up, although that is what I tell myself I will be doing with them when I buy them.  I have been saying the same thing about the other vintage fabrics I've bought, but as yet they remain untouched.  I think I'm afraid of ruining them and feel like I would like to improve my sewing skills so that I can do them justice. 

Maybe that can be a plan for later in the year...I've got a few things on the go already at the moment.

Jo :)

p.s. If anyone has any good tips on using Gimp and making collages that are more beautiful than my one is, I would be most appreciative of any advice / guidance / help / useful links
ta v much 

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Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Hi Jo, thanks for your lovely comment over on my blog, I'm so glad to have encouraged you to embrace and enjoy your fabric collecting tendencies! You've got some lovely fabrics yourself. I was very similar for a long time, really scared to take my scissors to any of my best loved special pieces, but the more things I make the more I get the satisfied feeling of finishing a project and seeing how lovely it looks, and the fear fades (and I'm not a particularly skilled seamstress!) I'm sure it will for you too. :)

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