Things I want to make

Following on from my March Intentions post, I wanted to elaborate a wee bit on some of the fancies I have.  These are some of the things I want to make...

  • A patchwork fabric quilt 
Inspired by Tania's gorgeous masterpiece at Myrtle & Eunice and as destiny would have it there are instructions in this month's copy of Mollie Makes which I picked up today! 

I made this quilt several years ago for a friend's baby

  • Knitted socks 
I saw the woolly coziness of the socks that Alice at Crochet with Raymond makes and was rather shocked at my own desire to knit a pair for myself.  Who am I who all of a sudden wants to knit socks?

Alice has made a pair a month, which is such a great idea, although right now I'd be happy with a single pair.  I've gotta be honest this project scares me to death!

Image by Crochet by Raymond

  • A crochet afghan blanket using different patterned squares 
I've tried to find a pic of the type of thing I mean and this picture from crafty minx is the closest I could find. 

Image by Crafty Minx

There are so many glorious crochet blankets on the web and if I'm honest I'd like to make lots of them but I only need so many.  So I thought it might be interesting and a bit of a personal crochet challenge to learn lots of patterns by doing a blanket of many different squares.  Ravelry has lots of patterns and they can be found in different square size. 

  • Easter craft goodies for nieces & nephew
I bought some cute chick fabric the other day that I may attempt a little gift for baby Emmy using that.  Not too sure what exactly but I'll post it on here, whatever it is.
And for my 8 & 10 year old niece and nephew I have been pondering some sort of amigurumi rabbit, maybe a bit like this one from croque-choux

Image and crochet by Croque - Choux

I do wonder how this would go down with my 8 year old nephew though.  Maybe he'd prefer something like this from nerdigurumi. 

Pattern, crochet and image by Nerdigurumi

Some other things I fancy making are a crocheted tea cosy, a couple of snuggly hot water botttle covers, a new coat for Mack, a cover for my bike basket, a couple of tops for myself, some wrist warmers and a little mouse from the current issue of Mollie Makes.

That should keep me busy for a few days!

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