A spectacular find

Unlike the UK, here in Australia you pay to take your rubbish to the tip.
For a car boot full of rubbish it costs $14.50 and for a heaped trailer load it's $39.50.  For a mattress it's $19 regardless of size.

I've got to admit I was a wee bit shocked at first but it definitely has its advantages.  Another thing I was MEGA surprised at was that there is a shop at the 'resource recovery centres' (the fancy name for the tip).

Fondly named 'the tip shop' :)

The tip shop is stocked with items that people bring in and pay to dump but are salvageable.  So salvaged they are.  And to see a shop filled with the stuff people throw out, well you realise how wasteful we are as a society. 

It's not the prettiest of places, the tip shop, but it's an Aladdin's cave of miscellany and usually worth a gander if I'm passing and in the mood.

And look what I found there the last time I went....

Bought for $10 AND it works

It does need a bit of TLC and a service, but plug it in and off it goes. 

I learnt to sew on my Nan's singer treadle machine when I was about 7 and I left that machine in England with family when I emigrated.  I can remember the smell of the wood and the metal.

I don't know where I'm going to put it, but I knew I had to have it.

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