Some Granny Square links

I have been having a good ole scout around on the net and have found a lot of gorgeous patterns for granny squares so I thought I'd share the love and hopefully save someone else a bit of research time.
3 links for Heart Grannys
  • lilley stitches has got a great visual photo tutorial for a heart in a granny square
  • Crochetville is  a bit of a combination of the above two.

Other grannys, non heart related 
  • I like this one at Suzie's Stuff a lot, it looks like a poofed up flower
  • Sols (tr)ikke has shared a stunning pattern for a circle in a square and it has a fabulous photo tutorial to go with it.  This is the one I followed for the other work in progress blanket I have on the go
  • This link will take you to a page at all free crafts which has patterns for six squares including a popcorn flower square, a puff flower square and a petal flower square (which looks like the one I winged)
I have only tried a couple of these out but I thought I'd pop them in one place so that I can remember where I've put them (my favourites bar is a scary place!)

Let me know if you try any of them and link up so I can pop on over and check out your squares

Happy Grannying
Jo :)

1 comment:

Lyanna said...

I'm so glad you like my pattern enough to feature it in your Granny A Day links! Thanks!!

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