Granny Happy

I've been hanging out with the grannies again.

I've decided to unpick a blanket that I bought a couple of years back from the op shop and to refashion the wool into something that is a bit more beautiful

It's quite a heavy blanket so it should make a nice heavy crochet blanket

I like the idea of recycling the wool; it feels a bit disrespectful in some ways to be unpicking all the hours that someone has put into knitting it but I also think it's a nice way of re purposing the wool and I like to use what I've got instead of buying new. 
As I unpick the squares I've been thinking about the hands that held the wool when it was being knitted up

There is some unusual wool in there; I've never used multi coloured yarn before and I'm finding that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...

I don't like the inner section at all!

And I just can't get enough of these cute little flower squares that I linked to in my last post.

They are so cute

I tried changing the first row to have 16tr instead of 8; that way it's not so 'gappy'

See the difference in the middle?

I'm scouring the internet at the mo for any granny patterns and have come across a few.  I'll be sure to share them when I try them out.  I've been sort of winging the other patterns by seeing squares I like and guessing how they're made, but my winging it skills will only stretch so far!

Happy Grannying
Jo :)

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