Granny A Day and a new appreciation for Mothers

This is a bit of a mixed post as there are so many things I want to write about that I am going to combine a couple of things that are totally unrelated into one post.  So apologies in advance...

Firstly I want to share my progress on the granny a day business....I knew I had no intention of doing a granny a day when I started this as I am so not disciplined enough to do anything every day, (other than personal care of course!) So for me it's more of a 'six granny's in one day and then none for a week or so'

Here is where I'm at....

I added a row of double crochet to these little squares to
make them slightly bigger,
 I'm more taken with them now that I was before!


I made this pattern up and ended up putting too many petals in. 
I'll do another one and write down the pattern when i have a bit of time

 I made this one up too, I like the way the middle section looks

Taken from http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=125626

I love the little heart square and tried hard to follow the pattern by Champygirl but I am so much more of a visual person and I got myself all confused so I ended up winging it. I think 'wing it' should be my middle name!

Do you have any links or patterns for the Granny a Day project?  If you happen to visit and are also hanging out with grannys, please leave a comment so I can come on over and check out your grannys too!

And now on the topic of my new appreciation for Mothers.....
I have been busy looking after my niece for a few days and man alive do I now have a new appreciation for Mothers.  I only had her for four nights and she sleeps through the night but I realise how time consuming another human being who relies on you for every single thing is.  I absolutely loved having her and every little smile just melted my heart and I loved spending time with her and learning about her; she's at the stage where she's communicating with this funny little noise she makes at the back of her throat and does it to get attention, from people and from the dog.  Too cute!

I  certainly realised how easy I have it!  If I want to hop in the car and go to the shop, I can.  If I want to do a spot of gardening then off I go and get on with it.  I can use both my hands to hang out washing and I don't have to wait for windows of opportunity to have a shower.  How on earth do Moms out there do anything, and I mean anything?  I'm sure if I had my own baby I'd have a system and things would work just fine but I was totally exhausted when I took her home.  SO hats off to every single Mom out there who manages it all, you all have my utmost respect!

 One of the things I really enjoyed doing was showing her round the garden; she totally loves plants and gets so excited, kicking her little legs and holding her hands out.

I'll be back very soon as I have a received a sunshine award and want to pass it on to five other bloggers that bring a bit of sunshine to my day.

Hope you're enjoying your day
Jo :)


Coal Valley View said...

Jo, these are just gorgeous! I really love the colours of the 4 squares in the top photo. Do you add the flowers after the square is finished or is it part of the actually square. Can you point me in the right direction for finding an easy pattern for doing a square with flowers? Must admit I'm completely envious of the fact you can shop without an entourage - my first visit to Spotlight with the twins ended up quite the disaster with balls of wool being turned into projectiles and then they worked out how to unravel the things - far from relaxing I can assure you! Mel x

Jo said...

Thankyou for your lovely comment Mel! The flower square is from a link that Pip supplied on the granny a day comments.... http://rosehip.typepad.com/rose_hip_blog/2009/04/floral.html ....
The flower is worked first and then the outer section is added by hooking into the back of the space where the petals meet. I am such a visual person and often wonder if I'm 'doing it right' but I often find if I look at the picture I can see where I need to go with the pattern and even if it isn't exactly what is suggested, if it looks okay, it usually works out.
There is also a pattern here that looks easy-ish, although I haven't tried it; it's the third pattern down called the 'petal flower'. http://www.allfreecrafts.com/crochet/afghans/granny-square-afghan.shtml
I hope these help you out Mel.... let me know how you go.

As for being without an entourage; it does have its benefits I can't deny, and for you having twins, I have double the amount of appreciation for you as a Mommy! Oh yes indeedy!
Jo :)

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