February crafting

Goodbye February, hello March!

Time flies when you're having fun...  I've been crafting away here in my little part of the universe.  I realise that I have actually been doing a LOT of crafting but haven't been blogging about it and then when it comes to putting it down here it seems like such a mammoth task to document all my 'doings'.  I know I should do little and often posts to make sure I get round to documenting the things that I am making.  And I will endeavour to do so!  And so....

I've seen so many of those stunning 'starburst' crochet blankets around in blogosphere and I really fancied having a go at one.  So off I went to pick out some yarn and I began...

I used the pattern from here but found that I wanted smaller squares so stopped after the second colour round.  I also changed the way of joining the squares to the pattern as I found that the blanket looked too 'holey'.  So I decided to whipstitch the squares together and I really like how it is turning out.  I did have to adjust the last couple of rounds to make it work.  I am loving the colours.  I am a big fan of the mustard colour and so that had to be in there.  I also love orange and this matched in well and I used the blue to balance it out a bit.  I am making it cot size.

So what else have I been up to?

I bought these MDF letters as I wanted to make something to go on the wall by the dining table.  When I got them home I went through all my papers to try to find the perfect combo but I just didn't really like what I had, until I found these postcards that I had bought a couple of years ago on a trip back to the UK.  I tentatively measured them and they fit!  So away I went with the paint to paint the letters white, then with some precision cutting and bit of spray adhesive and a PVA seal, voila. 
Instructions on what to do at the dining table.

And while we're on the subject of eating, I had a go at a zucchini cake from Alice Fowler's Edible Garden book in order to use up some of the mammoth zucchinis that seem to appear in my garden over night. 
While I was at it I also made another banana bread and added some walnuts and dates to this one and used a wee bit less oil.  Oooo er misus!  Rather scrumptious if I do say so myself!

The zucchini cake was very moist and much more like a normal cake than the banana bread.  I might have a bit of a play around with the original banana bread recipe and use zucchini instead of banana next time I'm in the baking mood.

 I  also had a go at making headbands.  I used printable patterns that I found online but found that they just slid towards the back of my head so I had fiddle round with the pattern and made one up of my own.  I really wouldn't have thought that it could be so difficult to get it right but this was my fourth attempt.  The pesky ears get in the way and where does the band sit, on top of them or behind them?  Well to solve this problem I cut the shape around my ears out.  Fiddly and a lot of effort for a headband!  If I had a scanner I'd pop in on but unfortunately I don't.

I used a vintage pillow case to make it and totally love the pattern.

So what else?  Well I been making myself a couple of summer tops and have had a go at a union jack cushion for which I am not feeling the love so may not finish.  Also I made a navy blue crochet slouch hat which I am really pleased with.  I got the pattern from here and it was pretty easy to follow.  It's sitting ready for winter.  And we've had a neighbour from England staying so I've been a bit of a tour guide.

Plus I received my CD from the lovely Zoe at Ladybird Likes and have enjoyed listening to some new tunes.  I do love having music to listen to whilst I craft and new music that comes through the post all the way from the motherland and has been lovingly prepared is so extra spesh.

Thanks so much Zoe.  The CD actually looks like a vinyl record which makes it all the more sweet!

I think that's all for now, although I do have a super new bike that I want to blog about and also a spectacular find that I have to share.

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Zoe Jade said...

just catching up on my blog reading and came across this post :) thanks so much for the mention - and glad you like the mixtape! xo

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