Bicycle wrapping paper & a special visitor

The hubs was off to his bike club dinner & meeting last night.  He had to buy a little gift for one of the other members on behalf of the club and I told him I'd wrap it for him.

I love that my creative spirit just comes out willy nilly; there I was wrapping it in the plain brown parcel paper which looked nice enough when 'ping' went my creative lightbulb and I remembered a little stamp I had a go at making ages ago.  So out came the white acrylic paint and the Artline pen and voila.

I think I should have maybe stamped them a bit closer together
The recipient who loves all things bicycle related thought it was lovely.

Today I am nervous and excited.....

I will be in charge of looking after someone very precious for a couple of days

Fuzzy Wuzzy (my niece) is coming to stay for a couple of days!!

Such gorgeous little smiles coming my way.

:) Jo :)

p.s. The name Fuzzy Wuzzy came about when I called it her once when I saw the little fuzzy tuft of hair on the back of her head, and like nick names do, it stuck.


Rainbow Vintage Home said...

I love your stamping Jo, they look lovely spaced just as they are. And Fuzzy Wuzzy is too scrummy for words!! Hope you have a lovely couple of days together. :)

Jo said...

Thanks for liking my stamping! I had fun doing it. And yes Fuzzy Wuzzy is far too scrummy for words; she's keeping me on my toes!
Jo :)

Caroline South said...

Thank you, that's really lovely. I love the bike wrap, great idea. x

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