Baby sleeping bag and waterproof bib

I had a request at the weekend to make a little something for my baby niece.  She's four and a half months old now and is rolling over and therefore kicking off her blanket and waking up because she is cold.  Poor little bunny.

 A sleeping bag was just the ticket and one with arms that would keep those little hands warm too.  I used a chenille blanket to make the outer layer and some fluffy minky type fabric for the inner with a sheet of wadding between them.

It was pretty fiddly to work out how to make it with the three layers but I applied the same principle as making a lined fabric pouch; make one layer and then the other
and attach them. 

So away I went and made up the outer blanket part first and along with the fluffy lining, I added the wadding and treated them as one fabric.  I made the fluffy/wadding lining up next, then placed the fluffy part inside the blanket part. 

It got a fair bit more tricky at this stage.  In order to get the zip in, I had to separate the inner and outer sections and attach the zip and then turn them inside out again so they fitted inside each other neatly.  I'm sure there's an easier way to do this.

I think it turned out well for my first attempt.

The pattern was adapted from this vintage pattern

While I was at it I thought I'd have a go at making a couple of waterproof bibs.  Anyone who has or knows a dribbly baby knows how helpful waterproof bibs are so that the dribble doesn't sit on the baby's chest, making it cold, wet and sore.

The only ones that we seem to come across are the old fashioned tie up at the back style of bib that I think I had when I was a baby.  And they are quite rare and hard to get hold of.

I tried to find proper plastic backing fabric but wasn't really sure what to use; the stuff on the roll from spotlight was too thick, as was oilcloth.  And I wasn't too sure that the nylon fabric that the salesperson recommended was going to be enough of a barrier.
So I thought I'd see how a waterproof tablecloth would do (I had also considered a shower curtain).

The bottom layer is terry towelling, then the plastic tablecloth, then the chenille / top layer.  I may add in another absorbent layer under the top layer next time.

The edges were left raw and a fabric binding attached, along with a dab of Velcro.

All that's left to do now is to see how they wash.  I think they'll have to go on a cool, gentle cycle.  They'll certainly get a thorough testing.  Anyone else made waterproof bibs?  What did you use as the waterproofing liner?

UPDATE (11th March): They have been through a couple of washes so far and are still fine; they've held together okay and the lining is still intact.

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