1 ripple blanket complete....

Back in October I started making a ripple blanket after being inspired by the rippling 'ripple' that seemed to be spreading worldwide, sort of like a crochet 'mexican wave'.

I was totally loving all the super colourful ripples that I saw in other peoples' blankets and dug around in my wool stash to see what I had available to me to use.  No bright colours in there, well not en masse anyways.  But there were some 100% wool balls in khaki, brown and cream that I had bought in the sale a few years back and had attempted a couple of unfinished projects with.

So I got cracking with a tutorial from
and here is how it turned out

The ruler is 1 metre so you get an idea of the size of the blanket
 Unlike other projects that have a specific size for completion, this project was going to be finished when I ran out of wool, as the wool was no longer for sale.  So when the weather cooled down this week, I decided to push on ahead and get those woolly balls all used up.

I've been trying to introduce a bit more colour into my house (it's a journey rather than a process for me after years of browns & beiges, so please be patient) so I felt that that colours of the blanket weren't really in my new 'colour up my life' plan. 

So what was I to do with a yummy, warm, super cosy little blanket that is just big enough to sit over your lap?  Well I put it in a khaki coloured old landy that needs a bit of warmth and a bit of woolly goodness.
Obviously the blanket will go inside the landy but I wanted to show the blanket against the paint colour.

I really enjoyed doing this pattern.  I did add a few too many chains and ended up with the blanket being wider than I intended.  I'd originally thought that I'd have the ripple rows shorter so that it would make a longer blanket, but due to me not keeping count as I was chaining, I ended up winging it a bit. 

I do think it actually looks better with wider rows now that it's done; I like the way it looks with the ripples going across my lap, rather than down my legs.
In rippley goodness,
Jo :)

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