New Beginnings - My 2012 journal

This time last year I saw an entry Claire's fabby blog; Heart Handmade UK of her cutest of cute journal and I fell in love with it.  So much so that I remembered it at the end of the year when thinking of a diary for 2012 and did indeed pop it on my Christmas list.  Good ole Santa was kind to me.  Just look what he delivered.....

My phrase for this year is 'New Beginnings'

I had asked Claire what she thought of the journal and despite her reservations, I couldn't resist requesting it.  I do agree that it is indeed a bit squishy Claire; there isn't heaps of room to write.  I am using this as a handbag diary and although it does have space to journal daily, it's more for a brief overview than any in depth journaling (in my opinion).  It will suit my purposes well enough though as I journal my thoughts elsewhere in an A5 spiral bound book (preferably hard back).

This journal is open so it can be started at any point in the year.  This means that you have to fill in every day yourself and also have some options to decide on the categories you want to include in the journal, as there are some blank page tab stickers included.  I decided that I wanted a section for affirmations, quotes, movies to watch, music to download, hopes and dreams for 2012.  There are plenty of pages spare to add in a few other categories throughout the year. 

I haven't been using it every day; it does tend to take me a while to get into using a new diary.... I'm sure I will be using it more regularly soon.

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