Making eye masks

I've been enjoying sewing a good bit lately; practicing on my new machine and having a great ole time.  A friend and I have been discussing having a stall at a craft fair so I've been making bits and bobs to take with me.  With every project I make, I learn so much and gain a bit more confidence in my sewing abilities.  Yesterday I made a few eye masks and practiced using piping, ric rac and ribbon around the edges. 

 I'd never sewn with these edgings before and once I did one, I got more confident about it.  They are actually in order of creation from front to back.  On the one in the forefront I didn't quite get the tension right on the backing fabric so a little bit is showing.  As I got to the last two I'd got it sorted.  I put black fabric inside so that they are good and dark and I put soft terry type fabric on the back so that they are soft against the skin.  I like them all.  I'd buy one.

It has been stinkingly hot today.  At 9.15 pm it was 29.5 inside the house!  I checked outside and it was only 25 so I have opened up the windows in the hope of cooling the house down a bit so we get a decent sleep tonight.  :)


Jasmine said...

wow these are great! x

Jo said...

Thanks, they were fun to make :)

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