Cath Kidson sewing basket.... treats from England

The Hubby got back from the motherland last week and had posted a gift to me for my birthday.

How gorgeous is this?

Cath Kidson sewing basket

 He knows me so well!  What a lovely surprise.  I had actually been eyeing this off on the Internet recently and hadn't mentioned it to him.

I am currently in the process of organising my crafting equipment so this will be for all my useful 'everyday' type of gear.  I'll post a pic when it's filled...

I also got a whole selection of edible goodies including
  • orange clubs
  • penguins (orange & original)
  • fudge bars
  • picnics
  • a box of quality street (they were the 1st to go!)
  • after eight mints
  • jaffa cakes
  • frazzles
  • creme eggs
I am a lucky girl......

I am amazed at how inexpensive food is in the UK.  6 creme eggs for a quid!  Here in Australia chocolate bars are normally about $1.60 full price (I think) and are usually on sale in the supermarket for 2 for $3 and sometimes $1 each (45p - 65p depending on exchange rates).  Crisps are pretty pricey too.  Pringles are on special and are 2 for $7 (around 4.50 ish pound by current exchange rates).  That's the cheapest they get.  

Toiletries are also really expensive too.  There is little competition with the supermarkets as there are only 2 main businesses; Coles and Safeway and a couple of smaller businesses; Aldi and IGA.  The arrival of Aldi seems to have offered a bit of competition but I still think prices are high.  Saying that we do have a fabulous fruit and veg shop nearby where we get some bargains; bananas are 99c at the moment and strawberries can be 99c a punnet at times. 

On the subject of veg, look what's growing in my garden at the moment...

My head is a normal size I believe!
These pumpkins are huge and are surprisingly heavy; they're really tasty too.


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