And just like that it was 2012!

I have been on a blog fast of late and the whole of Christmas and New Years has been and gone.  One thing I am experiencing with blogging is the swift passing of time; one blink and a month has gone by!  I did have some sweet little makes to share but I don't feel much like showing Christmassy things off in January.....

So I have been home alone for almost 3 weeks now with the hubby being back in the UK for the holidays.  I got to spend Christmas with my family in Melbourne and we all got together for the first time in way too long, brothers, sister, inlaws, kiddies, babies, dogs, yummy food and lovely company.....  We had a bit of crazy weather here on the 25th with hail the size of golf balls!  Seriously.  I had heard about them but kind of thought people were exaggerating, but no siree.  They were mahoosive and they stung like hell if they copped you. 

We were eating outside (under cover) but they were pinging in at us of the fence from time to time.  It was quite funny really; every so often there would be a little squeal from someone under fire!

I did wonder how I'd fill a month of days, especially over the festive season, but I've had no trouble filling the days at all.  I'm having loads of fun doing anything or nothing as the fancy takes me.  I am spreading myself around all over the place, and making a bit of a mess from time to time. 
I've been gardening and tending veggies.

I've been doing a bit of sewing

A bit of vision board creating with a friend (this is her one).  I did mine on New Years day but am still looking for a couple of pics to add to it.

And some cooking & eating of my favourite five bean chili with brown rice....yumyumyum!

I also had a new sewing machine for Chrissy, it is pretty swanky and I'm still getting to grips with it.  It is computerised and is way more fancy than I really needed.  I spent a lot of time researching different machines and found that they all seem to have their pros and cons.  I am really happy with my new Husqvarna Emerald though, it even had alphabet stitches! 

I hope 2012 is getting off to a good start for everyone.  I do love a new year; a fresh start, like the first page in your new school book.  I will attempt to be back within a couple of days to share some other bits and bobs.  I'm off now to put some cream on a bit of sunburn I got today, I always seem to miss a bit with the sunscreen, one of these days I will master it.

until the next time,
Jo :)

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