Making gifts, Brown Owl Kris Kringle & a treat for me

I've been at it again!  Being a craft machine that is.  I've been crafting away making some little gifts for some wise women in my life.  Each one took me about 3 hours to make.  I was surprised at that as they look so simple don't they?  I am really pleased with how they turned out and I'm sure the three wise women will appreciate their cute little owl cushion this Christmas.

I gave the little owl ornament I made in the semi tutorial as a Kris Kringle gift at craft group on Wednesday and the recipient seemed to like it.  And look what I got as my Kringle gift....

Isn't she just adorable?  I was totally chuffed both at the cuteness and at the fact that she fits with my tree colours perfectly.  Go Brown Owls and go crafty chicks! 

And one last thing I have to document, as it is kind of sadly monumental for me.  I found Mollie Makes in a newsagent's last weekend!  I am totally super excited about that.  I had looked everywhere (or I thought I had), then I thought I'd try a new shop and there it was.  Tada!  "Here I am Jo, buy me", so I did.  They were a real treat as I hardly ever buy new magazines, instead I pick them up at op shops and I'm more than happy to part with 50c.  I didn't even hesitate when I saw these though, straight up to the counter I was, happy to hand over my cash.  I got so  much pleasure from reading them; doing the quick flick through and then going back for a slower second look.

the craft machine
A.K.A. Jo :)


Zoë {Conversation Pieces} said...

Love the owls... yes it's amazing how much more time you spend on making presents isn't it? Have a good Christmas :)

Jennifer :: The Blissful Brush said...

Hi Jo... I too am madly in love with Mollie Makes and have not been able to get it in Sydney at all. I have just come back from the UK and went into EVERY newsagency I saw and couldn't get it anywhere, then finally managed to secure a copy at Heathrow on the way home. Phew. Did you get yours in a regular newsagent or was it a book store? I was thinking of emailing them to find out who is stocking it near me.

Happy Crafty New Year to you Jo ... I'm really looking forward to a VERY creative 2012. Jenn x

Laura said...

Brilliant owl cushions!

Jo said...

Thanks for your lovely comments ladies! My friends really loved their owls so I was super happy about that.

Jenn I would suggest asking in newsagents rather than just looking on the shelves as I noticed that there were none on display when I went to collect my most recent copy the other day (I had reserved mine so it was in a folder). I know that Mollie Makes isn't on the usual list of mags that they import but they can order it elsewhere. The newsagent I go to is a big one with the usual lotto, cards and other obscure mags. Hope you find it by you! And wow a trip to the UK, you lucky gal!

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