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I have found some amazing new blogs that have totally inspired me and have left me feeling a little bit greedy and superficial in many ways. 
The first of these is Kristin’s blog 'Time won't wait for me'.   I found this blog last week and haven’t been able to get it out of my head.  This is the story of a strong, passionate young woman who is working in India as a nurse and is also making food to give out to street kids.  I was just taken aback by the difference that the dedication and selflessness that one person can make to others.  I admire this chick a LOT for standing up for what she believes in and DOING.  I admire do-ers a lot!
Then earlier today I came across another blog 'Simply Martini' about a woman who is following a voluntarily simple life.  I was totally inspired by Kristen’s (I only just realised that these two women have the same name but different spelling!) choices to live a different way and to opt out of an inauthentic life in order to live as simply as possible.  I was inspired by her spirit of conviction.
It did make me feel slightly spoilt and superficial and put my excitement about Bruce the Spruce into perspective.  But that is by no means a bad thing, I like keeping things in perspective and a little help here and there is always accepted gratefully!  Pop on over and check these chicks out if you want to get away from the Christmas hype and to see life from another perspective.
Hope you are happy doing whatever you are doing today
Jo J

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