Felt christmas tree ornaments

Golly gosh where has the time gone? 

December 5th already! 

In what seems to be my feast or famine style of blogging, I have several things I want to blog about today....

The first is these little felt Christmas tree ornaments that I made last week.

This year the hubby will be flying back to the UK to spend Christmas with his parents and I will be staying at home and will be spending Christmas with my family at my Mom's house.  This comes with mixed feelings; I'm of course happy for the hubs to be seeing his family but I will miss him loads.  I usually love putting up the Christmas tree, listening to a Chrissy album and spending hours on adorning it with my ever growing collection of ornaments, but this year I hadn't been into the idea so much.  I suppose I thought it was a lot of effort for just me and the dog.  Then the other week I was out with a girlfriend for the day in Lorne and saw the cutest little green tree with just silver and white decorations on it and I thought to my good self that if I was going to have a tree this year then that was the tree I wanted. 

So I set about gathering a smattering of silver and white ornaments from op shops, big stores and little stores and found it surprisingly hard to find white decorations that weren't super expensive.  So ever the improviser, out came the white felt, a bit of silver thread that I'd acquired and never used and a bit of stuffing and I made these...

I took inspiration from last year's Better Homes & Gardens mag and a copy of Homemade Living that my dad in law sent me in November.  I used blanket stitch round the edges and found these super shiny little sequins that I've had for umpteen years that were big enough to cut and shape for the owl feathers. I think my fave has to be the little bird.  I'm not so sure what I think about the angel though.  When I showed these to my sister she didn't even know what the angel was supposed to be!  I am still chuckling about that as I type.  But hey ho, craft doesn't have to be perfect. 

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