Our teeny tiny caravan

This is the story of Bluebell...

Made in 1966, Bluebell was  a Thomson Mini Glen Caravan.  She was 12 ft long including the A frame.  Her body without the A frame was a teeny tiny 10.5 ft long and just under 6 ft wide.  Small as she was she was very sturdy and a heavy little caravan indeed.

For many a year she holidayed with families of whom she never spoke and then was put out to pasture in the back field of  a caravan sales shop; one suspects that she was traded in for a newer caravan.  Down at the bottom of a hill, she looked sadly up at all the beautiful shiny caravans that people wanted to buy to go on holiday in and knew that she would holiday no more.  Sob...  The year was 2002 and Bluebell resolved that she had had her fun over the last 36 years and it was now time to retire.

Underneath the lino was solid wood flooring and a very good shell

Her door was rotten, she had a broken window and her sun roof leaked, her bolts for winding her legs down had worn away, she had no jockey wheel, her paintwork was dire and her tyres were no good.  Poor old thing.

Then one day a young couple came to look at the shiny caravans in the yard and they, like all the other people who came seemed to like them.  All the while Bluebell looked on from down the hill with a heavy heart.  As they walked away from the shiny caravans, the lady happened to see Bluebell in the field and spoke kindly about her, saying how cute she was.  Bluebell was most happy and became even more happy when the couple came down the hill to look inside her and commented on her potential.  Imagine that!  Bluebell was flattered as she had never heard anyone say this about her before.  So can you imagine how ecstatic she was when the young couple paid the princely sum of 50 pounds for her right there and then and told her they would be back to collect her the following week?

And return they did.  They had organised a storage facility for Bluebell to stay while they fixed her up and had even decided on a name for her when they went for a drink at the Bluebell Inn on the afternoon that they had paid for her.  They couple worked very hard on Bluebell for several months and spent quite a bit of cash completely renovating her.  At times they got frustrated because they didn't think such a little caravan could cost them so much and they had to do a lot of creative problem solving as things didn't run smoothly with the renovation.  They sealed her joints and made her a new door, they painted her insides, bought her a new sun roof and carpeted her walls to make her nice and warm.  The man even made her new counter tops and the lady made her new covers for her chairs and new curtains.   They bought her a new jockey wheel and had her paintwork sprayed so that she too was now nice and shiny like the other newer caravans.  They even sealed her underside with waxoyl and had electrics installed.

Carpeting the walls was an unusual choice but wow was so snuggly and cozy inside!

The bottom of the stable door had to be replaced and the window glass specially cut and refitted. 

And then after several months of hard work Bluebell had her first holiday in years.  The man had engraved her a fancy name badge so that all and who saw Bluebell would know her name.

The awning showed its age and it was difficult to get another one so the windbreaks were our alternative

And everyone thought she looked wonderful.  Even strangers whom she had never met wanted to photograph her as they said they had never seen anything like her before.  What a very happy Bluebell she was. 

The sink operated with a manual foot pump

The table and benches folded out into a very small double bed

The back window opened so wide and being glass, it was easy to see through; it was one of Bluebell's many great features.

So for many years the couple and Bluebell had many an adventure and when they left to move to Australia, Bluebell happily found a new home with a relative.  She now lives in the British countryside and is so very pleased to be out of retirement.

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