Edibles in the garden

I've been planting edibles out in the garden bit by bit over the last few months.  We've had a lot of rain over the winter which has been great for the drought, but being English I do find it difficult to get enthusiastic about the rain.  However, having a garden that is doing well makes the rain so much more acceptable!
What we've got growing:
  • rhubarb
  • snow peas (from seed)
  • broad beans
  • leeks yellow squash
  • globe artichoke
  • zucchini (from seed)
  • cucumbers (from seed)
  • mini plum tomato
  • tumbling toms (from seed)
  • lettuce (cos, cut & come again, mizuna & curly leaf)
  • runner beans (from seed)
  • pumpkin (from seed)
  • potatoes
  • melon (from seed)
  • kale (from last year)
  • strawberries
  • rocket
  • coriander (from seeds in the pantry)
  • oregano
  • Vietnamese mint
  • rosemary
Fruiting trees:
  • plum
  • lemon
  • apple
  • lime (bought this year - potted)
  • fig (bought this year - potted)
  • Japanese quince
  • Bay (potted)

cos lettuce
Put in a list it looks like I must have a massive property but I don't at all.  We just have a normal plot with a couple of established fruit trees.  This year I have devoted one side of the garden (the sunnier side) to be the 'edibles and beautifuls' section where only edibles can go unless it is something beautiful to attract bees etc.  I also have two raised beds on the patio; built with legs so they are at waist height.  One of these houses mainly salad leaves and snow peas.  This is right by the back door so it's easy to get to. 

Snow peas & coriander in the raised bed by the back door

I am experimenting a bit with the garden and have been influenced by Alice Fowler's 'The Edible Garden'.  (I wish the series was available on DVD).  So I am trying to plant edibles to look like plants would, smaller ground cover at the front and larger bushes further back (although I didn't realise how BIG globe artichokes grow - they should have been way further back).  Then at the top / back of the garden I have a small veggie plot.  Last year it was fenced to stop the dog from hooning through there but this year I've taken the fence down and am being a bit more ad hoc with my planting in that section.

broad beans in the veggie plot

pumpkin seeds that germinated in the worm farm & a fallen plum

I do enjoy growing edibles, I find them so satisfying.  Plants are great to a point but edibles are what float my boat in the garden.  I don't have loads of the same plant; I found that there was no way I would use all the seedlings from things like the broad bean punnets so I'd share half with my Mom as four plants are plenty for both our households.  Likewise with the seed potatoes.  I just don't have the room to have grown a whole box full so I shared these too.  I guess I'd rather have a go at growing fewer plants and have more variety than growing loads of one thing.  That's this year anyway... next year I may have a different approach.

Wishing you a happy day x



Happy @/*-*\@ said...

Hello Jo....Congratulations my sweets...you have won my Cath Kidston Bag Giveaway! Yay! Can you please give me your address and I will pass it on to Cath and she will send the bag to you from her headquarters ;)

Thankyou for entering and looking forward to hearing from you ;)

Love Happy x

Happy @/*-*\@ said...

Jo - please can you send me your address asap, otherwise i will have to re-draw the giveaway!...there is no other way I can get in touch with you as you have not included an email address on your blogger account so I am relying on contacting you here! if you get this message, please go to my blog and press email me at the top of my blog....you can then send me your address :)

Hope to hear from you shortly :)

Love Happy xx

Jo said...

Hi Happy, I've sent you another email and have now added my email to my blog. I didn't realise it didn't show up. Hopefully you get one of the messages I've sent you. My email address is huntjo24@hotmail.com

Hope to hear back from you soon

Jo :)

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